How about some egg chest

We have runic chest,sigil chest maybe a egg chest?


This has been suggested before, but it was in Russian so hasn’t gained any traction. Linked for reference.

I wish I could happen

Great idea! :heart:

@Goblue84 :point_left: Give that man a medal! :medal_sports:

Then have PG charge it for 10k per 10 chests with a chance of drop from 20 tokens to 4k? :rofl::joy:

I know you’re being sarcastic but I want to throw this out for a reference:

Right now we get around 3k to 3,5k tokens per 10 chests (4k rubies) depending on the event and luck.
Including other useful items like timers, event items…
So those egg chests would have to be a good deal for basically opting out of timers and event items.

I would rather see the chests tailored to the event that is taking place. In breeding the contents should be egg tokens with a few other items such as xp potions not ice fire shards, black pearl. Either that or the when 10 gold are opened you are guaranteed a legendary item for the event that is taking place.

Using the example above it could work that the silver chest rotates with a special chest for each event related to required items. Egg token chest, sigil, build and PvP. That way gold is still availiable if you need a bit of everything.

At the moment paying for a pack with 4K rubies to gamble on progress makes it less likely I will buy rubies on top of prizes.



What we need is the chests to go back to how they were last June! Where you got more stuff from bronze chests like rubies and you could buy energy packs from the forge 20 for 500 rubies, and you actually got more from bronze and silver and gold. Not this comedy rip off chests where you can’t even find 10 in 50 base raids. the drop rate was higher and the game actuallly worked apart from the protection and waterdragon didnt count after each defend.

And to add to it last year we only had one dragon to get and even then there was better prizes during the season than any we have had since winter last year. The game is going down hill not up, pg have sucked all the fun and prizes out of chest and out the game and instead have replaced everything so you have to pay for everything​:thinking:. What’s that old saying :thinking: customers are your top lime not your bottom line?!

Yes!!! Please.

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