How about some gold packs?

What do you guys think of my idea? It’s kind of impossible to farm certain amounts of gold and if everyone would store that gold that would be chaos and overflow. Hope you give it a thought :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

Certain amounts being? And I am sure they will just tell you to buy keystones.

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Or use rubys to donate gold to bank and get it sent back to you

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you can resolve it by donating it to your bank and then taking it.

Everyone chips in for 1 person at a time to help them do upgrades or training using gold.
I think bank has like 30 million gold in capacity and can go higher every upgrade.
Another one would be to set the tax to 100% and then send it to team members that needs it instantly.

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Calm down, king John.

Calm down? I thought that after PG raised the cost for elite account I could ask for something in return😠

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