How About that Atlas season

So nice land rollout and no atlas season, kind of silly to release lost lands and theres no benefit to it other than castles, all those troops and zero glory for them


I think that’s kind of the point, you’re gaining castles and dont want to give you free glory for hitting the guards


Atlas being unexpectedly down last 24 hours causes me to be unable to complete my exotic armor after grinding the ammo lines all season. Is unfair and I’m pretty unhappy.


So we have to lose troops if we want castles killing guards and or troops, but we won’t get any glory from it. Seems fair

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Please, please, please find a way to give them the opportunity to redeem prizes.

Several players like @Putras and my teammates lost an entire season’s worth of badges because atlas was disabled ahead of the end of season and they could not claim prizes. This was NOT the announced end of season schedule.


I can see no logical reason to save all your badge chests till the last day of the season to claim the prizes.

Even if you were to do this, fighting the sync errors trying to claim so many prizes at once would be a very cruel form of torture to self inflict.

And then there is the fact that every atlas season has some form of maintenance shields on the last days (given it doesn’t normally disappear entirely)


You are technically right, but we the player base keep making allowances for PG’s crappy behavior, to the point PG now knows that whatever abusive thing they do next it will be forgotten in about 2 weeks.

This means you shouldn’t blame the victim, despite the victim expecting decency from a company that has shown very little.


Shutting down Atlas on two days in a row during prime playing time in Europe and the US (evening and afternoon/evening), shows an extreme lack of planning. The second shutdown also once again demonstrates their failure to properly test an change on an in-house testbed. Instead, they use their customer base to test a new product and then wonder why we are upset when it doesn’t work (AGAIN) and they once again fail to provide us with compensation. No wonder they are losing customers in droves.


About 2 years ago , I had a lot of atlas prizes to claim and ended up flying a lot to get about 250k glory , about 6 hours before atlas season end . It was a particularly troubling end to season and the lag was so severe that one could just not claim any prizes successfully without the game resetting .
There was not even any glory event or troops event type equivalent running .

Eventually I could claim nothing and it was all a waste , equating to a lot of perma loss .

Since then , I used to make sure I never let anything remain for the last 2-3 days in season .

Sorry about your loss , however those prizes and sigils are gone

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That’s a terrible excuse and you know it :slightly_smiling_face: plenty of players save badges/sigils till the end of the season so they know exactly how much they have to spend and what prize lines they can complete. Besides, atlas was closed 2 hours early which is PLENTY of time to fight thru sync issues that shouldn’t exist.

In this particular case, there were legitimate reasons for waiting to redeem. The Dreadfrost atlas rider stats were announced VERY late and was needed to decide whether to get blue shards or Leilani shards from the rider line.

Thanks for your feedback, but no limited time event should EVER end prematurely unless it has KW-level technical problems.

This is like PG giving Kobe the ball for the last shot and then ending the game with 10 seconds on the clock!


Atlas has totally disappeared few hours before the season was over

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Yes. Some of us are filthy casuals and don’t finish the exotic prizes in 6 weeks.

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I saw the response in the subsequent post and deleted my comment.

Going forward, please make sure you finish claiming all prizes at least a day before the date mentioned by PG. Better to play it safe when you know how communication and timelines aren’t adhered to.


It was more about saving everything for the last day and not how active some of the player base is…

PG - When can we expect the Atlas Season? Yall seem pretty quiet…

Asians may have liked it?

Ewww. U too filthy.

Jokes aside, we knew something like this would happen at the end of pretty much every season.

Think of any season that didn’t have any glitch at the end.

All the more reason to claim rewards asap.

I’m not agreeing that PG should keep doing this, but us not expecting it to happen just means careless on our side too.

It’s a shame that we have to tell the community not to trust or listen to company announcements on timing.
When a timing is announced to the whole game, it should be stuck to or a new notice issued IN ADVANCE telling people of the timing changes.
The inability to claim is directly PGs fault based on unannounced timeline changes and they should compensate those affected without complaint.


Pretty much in keeping with last seasons mythics. The season in general would have also been good to receive some compensation for having a dragon that did not work for 15 weeks which now is the old model with the new one out already.

It would most likely be a manual fix that’s needed tbh no real idea but if it is the chances are likely smaller as man hours are not free.

Probably less effort to fix this than the gold2 rollout

Speaking of gold2, must be time for gold3/plat1.