How and where my team can apply for atlas

Hey guys ,
my team like to apply for atlas.currently we are doing well and will be in platinum soon.we need to know how and where to apply for atlas.if there is any link to apply plse tell that too.

Here you go. I did a quick search for you. You’ll find one thread below.

You’re probably better off trying to find an existing Atlas team to join, take over, or merge with.

Good Luck!

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Afaik you have to make it to saph league and stay there for a few weeks.


Yeap DreadedSloth is correct, you’ll have to get to Sapphire first before you can apply for atlas, so if you’re still in gold you have some ways to go.


i think its time every player at a certian level should get at least a partial experience in atlas like the castle in the tutorial where u can farm gold get xp, and a team can participate in atlas troops and gear event so they can at least build their troop number as a team before joining regular atlas.

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Gotta be in saphire and u don’t just “apply”

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Anyone know if there’s a chance it’ll be moved back to platinum?

Highly unlikely I’m afraid.


Oh it’s a gold team? Ok so not to spoil your mood but like your team isn’t getting atlas till saphire league which will probably take you more than a year to get there. You don’t just “apply” for atlas why do you think it’s so great? Because not everyone has access to it and frankly a gold team would not be able to handle atlas very well in my opinion unless it’s a rebuild with a bunch of level 400+ on it. And if you have never had atlas before and aren’t oriented with it, good luck teaching 49 players and yourself . If you want atlas so bad join a team that has it.

To get access to crafting materials? Weaker teams can gain a lot just by being in Atlas, without castles. Probably a lot more fun, too.

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True mostly focusing on the part where he says “apply for atlas”