How are defense points assigned

As the description says. How exactly do defense points for wars get assigned. Is it number of dead dragons, is it not allowing attacker to hit 70%, or is it some other mechanism?

I would really appreciate and insight into this as it is a major point of confusion for our team.

If anyone shows up to defend a war attack, then a defence point is counted. The defender doesn’t event have to do anything, just join and quit and would still get the defense point.
A team will also get a defence point if someone who already did their war attack attacks someone who hasn’t been flamed yet and gets defended.

Seriously, it’s simply showing up? Nothing more counts?

yes, but I think you will find that if you just join the defense and don’t actively defend, your team will likely lose the tiebreaker.

It’s fairly simple, if it takes you more attempts to get to 250 flames than the opponent, you lose.

I appreciate all the help. Yes we know we need to actually defend. But some strategies were being thrown around that didn’t make sense and this clears it up. Thank you everyone for the insight

I thought you had to down one dragon for the point to count. But I may be wrong. Any team leaders want to shed some insight? @TheRedDelilah

No dragons need to he killed. Just show up. We have watched this closely

Ok thanks!

Originally you you to actually down dragons for points. Now it is the following:

0 defenders are in the battle at any point = 0 defense points given
1 defender is in the battle at any point = 1 defense point given
2 defenders are in the battle at any point = 1 defense point given
3 defenders are in the battle at any point = 1 defense point given


It’s upon join, so that people can’t cheat the system by leaving an attack before it completes (or legitimate disconnect from poor internet). CampusLifer’s discussed it at length on the old forums, though this confirms it. This is a much older one with different ideas.

Also, there was another one about how complex and risky the war code is to change (probably in the thread about why pre-war attacks had to be rolled back).

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