How are Gold/XP bonus calculated?

@PGDave What are the stats on gold/xp bonuses, is there a cap? How do they scale? Also, how are the egg tokens calculated?

Roll a d20 for each continent you own, multiply it by the rating level for the continent, add in a D12 multiplied by the continent rating for each partial continent you own, lil bit of pixie dust and throw that all into a random number generator and Jack Black is your uncle.

But i could be wrong.

Here for answers.


This actually explains a lot.

Bonuses come from two sources – territory ownership and infrastructure level. Higher levels (of both) will contribute larger bonuses, of course. Different bonuses depend on one more than the other, and some bonuses are harder to obtain than others. For example, a 400% crafting material bonus (affects event prizes and poachers) can be obtained by owning just two castles in the same biome; the maximum bonus is 1000% and that extra 600% depends entirely on refinery levels and is much harder to max out than just owning any two castles. Though owning more territory is strictly better, owning fewer higher level territories is generally significantly better than owning many more lower level territories. You’ll have to experiment a bit on your own if you’d like to learn more about the details, but I think you’ll find them somewhat intuitive – conquer and level stuff up as best you can and your team will do well.

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There seem to be hard caps though

Yes, every bonus also has a hard cap. Your team is very close to the bonus XP cap (just 0.7% off it looks like) and getting close on tokens (about 80% of the way there) but still have significant headroom on the other bonuses (training time reduction, gold bonus, and material payout buffs).

I think there might be a glitch in some of the bonuses then, we have not seen any increase in gold or any reduction in gold cost to build troops.

Looks like you have been getting ~256k gold on your first hit each day (before taxes). My much weaker team squeaks by on 151k for the same first hit since Spooky decided to wipe me out a little while ago lol (hence the ~69% bonus gold your Bank buildings report that you get).

Was curious what the base number is and what the theoretical limit was? It seemed to be increased by building up banks and will keep an eye on it but it doesn’t seem to move. Any chance of bringing gold reduction costs back to the tower? Right now the hats seem to work fine but pretty sure almost every team has free hats and time, just no gold to do much.


*checks to see if I’ve been hummer panned

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I’m not sure about the details for your team Panda, but while all upgrades will have some impact on the boost, the later upgrades have a much bigger upgrade (e.g., going from level 11 --> 12 has 10x the impact on gold production as going from level 1 --> 2 … and of course level 12 banks can only be built in a few places right now). The average bonus from a level 5 bank is 5% (more for your first maxed out bank, and then diminishing returns start kicking in with each successive bank, until you eventually hit the cap) We show a rounded bonus amount (i.e., 69% more in your case), so you probably won’t see that number change on most upgrades (since you’ve pushed it so far already, additional gains take relatively more effort to obtain … though on the plus side gains last forever [or until you lose the territory anyway … watch out for spooky!]).

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I will just keep plugging along I guess to see if this does, what is the cap on gold then?

Also as a side note, not sure if I should make a whole separate thread, would team gold tax make more sense than individual island?


It has been suggested from time to time that some functions (especially banker functions) be consolidated into a team-wide panel. I definitely agree that this would probably simplify things and help all of us (as players) focus more on fighting and less on the the minutiae of running a successful team. Running a team has plenty of other more important and challenging duties. I think there are probably other major hurdles we need to clear first though (e.g., getting onboarding for new teams right and make sure they can have a ton of fun in Atlas right out of the gate too).

Is it feasible to have/worth exploring some sort of master territory manager with roles on the x axis and all continents on the y axis (and maybe another option per role to apply one person to multiple/everything)? Though, I guess this might actually be what you’re hinting at too…

rough/limited example:

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