How are people accumulating timers these days

I took a break for a while and came back to wonderful things like 24 and 48 timers in the forge. I was wondering if gaining timers is still mainly through chests or if the timer drop has improved?

I have to get 75 days of timers before the next fort event which was pretty steep when I was last playing. What is it like now?

Atlas rider missions and daily tribute helps a lot now too


How much do you get a week from those?

A LOT easier than the 2,000 days I need.


If you have atlas and participate in the atlas events 75 days is a piece of cake. You’ll probably make it even without atlas.

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Non Atlas team.

  1. Bookmark any chest base.
  2. Set Ember and Ryuu on roster (I hate those popup with one dragon)
  3. Run it frequently.

Atlas team.

  1. Do well in Atlas event…
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Atlas team

    1. Earn glory and open season branches

Cool I think these resolve the question! Thanks for the tips everyone :+1: @moderators you can close this thread

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As requested.