How are rating points calculated?

Hi. I went on a rant against my leader who advised us to stop attacking in a war we had no chance to win gaining 250 flames because “if we stopped fighting we would lose less points”. I read somewhere that this was just an assumption without base, widely spread but false. I would like to have a feedback from the community regarding this matter. Within a dozen hours from now so we can show that team with a level 400 backing them that they cannot have it their way just because they have an overpowered teammate that should not be in Platinum leagues!

I hear many things but I’m pretty sure wars should never be detrimental to active team so if anything the loss would be the same, or less but I doubt it, if a team actively fight in war. Otherwise I’m here to change that…

@Arelyna @PGEggToken I’d be grateful if I can have your official input too. I don’t know who to tag besides you.

Disclaimer : I searched for half an hour on this forum and the older one for this information about wars, I didn’t find anything closely related but if you do please provide me with a link to the information. An advice worth giving once (in the old forum since message won’t likely be transferred) is worth giving twice on the new forum.

Thank you in advance.

Tl;dr : do you lose less points for botching a losing war? Or not?

I can confirm that this isn’t true because my previous team had tested this when I was officer. We fought same team twice. First time we tried, second time we tanked. Both times we lost similar amount of points and tokens.

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Yes, I second this. There is no difference in points whether you fight or not. I think it used to be the case that you lost less points for not fighting but that is not the case anymore.

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Thanks. I thought the same and I’m glad that my leader also trusted me and changed his mind about the war telling people to fight.

While I advocate to try your best always, sometimes it pays to ignore an unwinnable war to save defence boosts. Hammers are hard to come by :joy:


Sounds good. but the opposite team already has 240 flames if not more, so in this case we don’t have much defence to do lol

Rating gain/loss is based off your league ranking. When a war is declared it tells you how many tokens and rating points you stand to gain/lose. Active defense (Or lack thereof) does not change that amount. :blush: I always fight, I won’t roll over even with a 200 level defecit.

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I hate this rumor so much and would love to know how people are still getting this super false information. Other have answered you though - there is no way flame margins make a difference in how many ratings you win or lose.


Hi @FlashingRed can you please tell me where we can see those potential gain/loss points while the war is still going on? Because if it is a leader/officer thing or seen before starting the war most teammates are out of luck. Including me.

Screenshot would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

It is an officer thing. Right before you declare it shows what you stand to gain/lose.

1st screenshot is against the top team in my league. You can see we will gain a lot of rating points and tokens for winning. If we lose we will only lose some rating points because they are ranked higher than us and is therefore a difficult battle. (We are currently in 11th place)

2nd screenshot is against the 25th team in the league. Because we are ranked higher than them we can only win a small amount of ranking points/tokens. If we lose then we lose a large amount of rank points.

This is why you war up, not down. :blush: It is the game version of an equalizer. Teams attacking weaker teams get a small payout, if you are able to attack a stronger team and win you get a much larger payout.

These numbers can change if that team (Or ýour team) changes rank before the end of the war. This could be by either by winning/losing a war before the war end time or due to event rewards.

Hope that clarifies it. :blush:


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