How are taxes collected?

So what I mean by this is where do the taxes go by default? What I mean by that is as an example, I have two islands. One bank has a tax rate of 10%. The other has a tax rate of 20%. Does that mean my players have 10% go to one and 20% go to another? Or does it mean that those players that have the island with the 10% tax set as home pay 10% tax and vice versa?

If anyone is wondering why I set two different rates like this it’s so that I can upgrade the one now, as that particular island is the one we have deemed our capital for the time being but we still want taxes going to the other one so it’s not completely neglected.

Sadly the ledgers aren’t the easiest thing to comb through and figure this or for sure. I tried searching the forums but a quick look turned up no exact info on this question.

They’re set by continent and go to the one set as each individual’s home continent.

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@PGDave Would a team/universal tax be possible?

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And this is to prevent people setting home in safezone to avoid tax. Aka, you are in a team, you get an universal tax like @Panda proposed

Also…I am really lazy, going to every single island and checking vs one button…

Yes, down the road this sounds like a nice addition. But it won’t make it on the roadmap too soon … need to fix some more basic issues first.

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