How are the number of super shots determined?

I have noticed that the number of super shots you can use per dragon attacking a base changes. Until the team quests, I never really felt the need to figure this out.

I know that research affects the number, but I’m more trying to figure out why on the same day I can have 4 super shots per dragon attacking on one defense and around 15 super shots per dragon attacking in a different defense.

Is it based on the attackers level compared to the defending base’s level? Is it based on if you are defending your base or a teammate’s base? Is it a combination? Or is it based on something else?

I guess 4 ss/attacking dragon. The first one is 5, plus additional research. Also, one research adds 3 ss/ shield broken

If you defend the base of teammate, you get 5 shots at first dragon, 4 and 4 for 2nd and 3rd. If there are other attackers - 4 extra shots for each dragon. Note: the limit of shots you can keep is 5, so if from first 5 you’ve used only 2, and 3 remains, you wil be given 2 extra with new dragon, not 4. So ensure that you spend at least 4 shots at each attacker’s dragon.

If you defend your own base, then the initial amount depends on researches. For example, I have 10 now, instead of 5, against 1st dragon. Then, as before, you get 4 extra with each attacker’s dragon.


One thing I haven’t figued out is when the shield breaker activates when defending teammates. If I have it and a teammate I’m defending doesn’t, does it still activate? Or do they need to have it for the recharge to work when I’m defending their base? And what if they have it but I don’t?

I think it only works on your own base but I’m not sure :thinking: :t_rex:

As far as I’m aware the base owner needs to have it.

Base owner needs to have research for sure.

One thing not mentioned is that sorcerer dragons can increase the number of supershots for the owner of the base only.

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