How can 365 lvl guy have some like that?


Can u more experienced guys tell me about this base . How he can have that


What do you mean exactly? All 72?


Yes , 24 lvl 72 towers :thinking:


Ok. When a player reach level 300 it takes 4x more xp per tower to go up in levels. That said he seems to have started building right from the start so he didn’t go past last small island.

Take in consideration it’s not max towers (75) and that there are 10 spaces left to build. And you can assume he spent some money to have that many flaks. A strong base


According to my fort planner, 24 lvl 72 towers would level us from 1 - 474 (about 85.6 million xp)…


I’m 353 … and I haven’t even close to that :joy:


True from (0-72)*24 - lvl 474




its called hacking :see_no_evil::joy:
nothing new, just that you brought it to forums :laughing::hugs:


My bad for that. If I saw that guy I wouldn’t find it strange, but it seems to be so. :pensive:


Another one bite the dust :joy:. Come on let’s give some credit to PG. they now know thanks to us yay :grin:.


And I would like to add that. Levels 365 and one level 34 perch :joy: what a joke. Hahahha


That is not legit lol :joy::joy::joy: With all that he must be at least 400 plus right


Send in a ticket about him. I sent in a ticket in game about the dude with 70M event points after 1 day, and he was banned the next day. :slight_smile:

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