How can a team change name?

I was wondering if there was anyway to change team name. I inherited my team about a year ago. We’ve built it up and really made it our own, but I’m not a fan of the name. I’ve asked a few other members and they tell me the only way to do it is to make a new team and transfer everyone over. I’ve put a lot of work into this team (different chat rooms ,developing wiki page, to name a couple)

Could anyone help me with this or direct me to who I can talk to about changing name without making new team? To be fair I have zero idea how to create new team.

Thank you for your help :blush:

I am pretty sure there is no way to change the name of an existing team.

If you go the route of creating a new team, you need to leave your current team. As a teamless player, you can create a new team or join an existing one through the meeting hall.

Cannot change a team’s name.

Yup, Joe is right. :tulip:

But if you really wanna change the team name with the least amount of interruption … have your alt create the team. Move your wiki over to the new team. War your new team to the highest league possible. Then move your members over and then war your way to your goal league. A lot of work for just a name tho. :eyes:

What is your current team name and what do you wanna name your new one?


I have heard that if you create a ticket about it and ask for the name to be changed, Help Desk may do it for you. That would be your best bet. Try that before going into the hassle of moving members around and spending the time to create another team. I’m sure that it doesn’t happen all the time though, but could be worth a try.

That’s for player name change which they can if the name that they are taking is offline for months or years.

They can’t change team name

I have heard of it being done for teams as well. No idea if it’s true but just putting the thought out there just in case.

Thank you all for helping me figure this out. Our team name is FurriesUnited. Like I said, not my favorite lol, if for no other reason than it’s just jit that intimidating!

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