How can I delete all the data of game without factory reset

Hi All. :raising_hand_woman:
I wants to know that how can I delete all the data of game to start new game without factory reset. Every time I reinstalled , it shows me the same game. And that account stucked at 99% . I tried with different phones but result is same. Even I wasted 2 weeks on a support ticket and troubleshooting things. But nothing happened. So know I want to delete that account to play new one…Any help would be appreciated

i think you can sign out of the account and make a new one with a different email, or make a new android/apple app store account

@Die game is not letting me in to play. So how can I switch or make new account😕…

Seeing you have the last celestial male portrait, you’ve played for a while. Why would you want to reset, if it supposedly doesn’t work? Just fishy after a ban wave, is all. :hugs:

So you can’t log in nor out of your account? You should be able to log out if you could access your first account. Just to be sure do you really want to start a new game, or continue to play your old one but can’t?

Maybe you could submit your ticket number here, or your phone technical details…

They said this problem had been going on for two weeks…

Ah yes, but out of my curiosity of who said person was, I emailed them and the reason they cant log in is banishment…

Ok. I understand their PANic though…

Quite so. :wink:

@KillerFrost looks like he is banned, i just sent him an email in game and it shows lvl 321 with 700+ mill attack power but 38 defence.

this is the same case as many others who were banned recently for cheating etc. all have similar findings. i guess he trying to come into the game again but cant because his phone is tied to the game lol so he can not restart on that same phone unless he resets his phone and starts a new apple ID or android ID

I honestly hope that they have started banning all related accounts & devices by device ID from starting new accounts. This is promising to cutting down on the cheaters if they need to buy a new device for each cheat account they want to risk.


I’ve suggested this in the past but never got a reply from PG. @PGJared is this possible?

Or a simple factory reset :roll_eyes:

As you probably are banned you should probably contact support if you believe you shouldn’t be.

And FYI the reason you keep getting the same account is due to the server recognizing your device and automatically reconnecting you to it. There is nothing to erase…

If you aren’t banned and are having this issue, there is a rare issue that is on PG’s end that would also need a support ticket. But since you don’t seem to have any interest in your old account you are probably aware of the reason why it’s not letting you in.

Please don’t try and get around it so you can cheat again. It ruins the game for Everyone.


PG needs to start banning devices


@die Yup. Thats what i had done too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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