[HOW] Can I Get A Mythic?

The answer is yes, you can. Here are ways to achieve this.

Be on a good team. By a good team, I mean one that hits the 8/8 team prize achievement and gets the level 10 chest without fail. It is second nature to them and not a reason to blink.

Be part of the good team. This means you pull your own weight on the team and don’t rely on your teammates to do the heavy lifting for you. Do your sh*t.

Have Atlas on this team. Kind of goes without saying, but it really does help.

Hoard those chests and rubies. Use these without any discretion at the beginning of the season during the two weeks of discount. It doesn’t matter if you’ll actually use the dragon or not. These are 50% off prizes that will stock up your stash of IF, energy, and timers through the rest of the season. Try to finish at least one discount line and a half by the end of the two weeks. I recommend not going below 30k rubies to open chests, but that’s just because I like a safety net.

After that, jury is split. Some say only open chests/use rubies during PVP events (this is because the contents of PVP chests are more valuable than fort/breed chests) and some say to not use rubies or chests until the very end of the season if you need to. Either way works, whatever floats your boat.

I tend to hoard all through the season and then splurge rubies on gold chests if needed during super sigil weeks.

In PVP and all events tbh, it really is best to push past that 8/8 score. Most say at least to the 450 sigil prize. As a free to play/elite to play player, I usually go to that point and then see if my resources will allow me to push further in PVP. In fort/breed it’s no problem.

Shiv made an excellent video on how to get a mythic free to play. It’s a bit outdated at this point because it needed fewer keys to achieve the goal, but the end result is much the same. See it here. Shiv does a lot of good stuff. Might be why he’s in one of those faction thingies.

I’m probably forgetting something because I’m apathetic, so if you see edits on this topic, that’s why.

STEP SEVEN [Optional]
I’ve included the optional step seven for those of you who like to be organized and whatnot. Use a season planner. Not just a season planner, but event as well. They have them for fort and breed and stuff like that. If you really wanna be anal about stuff, plug numbers into a spreadsheet and it will literally think for you. Another one of those cool awesome things Faction people have done. I personally don’t do this because numbers and I don’t get along well, and planning and I don’t get along well either.


What if we want 2 mythics? And is there enough people who have attempted to do this before?

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If you want two then to my knowledge you need to be pay to play. I’d love to see someone prove me wrong.


I have not yet figured out how to get two mythics. I really wanted to during souldance. Other than saving for a long time or paying, I don’t know though.


Not true at all. Im barely E2P (reg elite only now) and could get both mythics this season if I wanted them (No interest in Ikaros, going for Dracs instead). A 2nd mythic comes down to saving up your rubies. If you average around 200k rubies a season and have saved some from a previous season then you could go for a 2nd mythic. Of course this means you either need to have high event activity or have saved up a lot of rubies.


So a special occasion second then? Or could you regularly get 2 if you wanted to?

If you’re under level 200, you aren’t getting on a P1/S3 team that can actually do this consistently. That’s why most of the people asking are lower level and aren’t very close to getting one. If most of us lower levels could actually get on and stay on a team that did that, nobody would be asking because it would be easy :man_shrugging:

Maybe not every single season but Im fairly confident I could do 2 for the next few seasons at least. Of course that depends on what they do with costs. If they keep adding keys to the costs while also increasing prices then that could change some things.

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Unfortunately I agree mostly. I came to YY as a 120 or so. On my previous teams I’d just accepted that since I didn’t pay, I wouldn’t get the mythic. Only when I got to YY did I bother trying to challenge this. My first mythic was Pathox.

However, good teams don’t always look at level. We’ve been known to take lower levels because of the quality of player.


When I got my first mythic I just saved all my chests and rubies for an entire season. The full thirteen weeks. It was difficult to adhere to and stunted my growth. I would not necessarily recommend that.


Can a 120 survive in S2?

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Depends on the player.


Not anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When D1 was full of level 2-300s though, it was a different time. Lol

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I mean I came to YY about two and a half years ago, so I wouldn’t say it was when D1 was level 300s lol. I got a few mails asking how a 180 was leading a S2 team and asking if I was an alt though.


Oh haha. Not as long ago as I thought. :joy:

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He’s in both factions :relieved:


Double faction whammy


I just level slow LMAO


Lmao no. 120 can’t get hau yet. Im 160 and can hau most bases (that aren’t completely maxed). And even then it wouldn’t be convenient for war so they wouldn’t accept you :joy:

So like a skilled Hauheset flyer?