[HOW] Can I Get A Mythic?

Here’s where it gets dicey because it really depends on the team. I’m only going to be speaking for myself right now. If I know that the player is a skilled flyer, is vouched for by others and has a “set the world on fire for kicks and giggles” attitude, I will look at them more seriously than a person who gives average answers to questions and obviously will need handholding.

Edit: It also helps if we have seen them around and it’s not just some rando trying to join.


I was gonna hau your base but I caught up so I only needed nebby :sob::rofl:

I mean we brought someone level 24 on the team a couple years ago. By Christmas he was a 400 and within a year he was 600. We really don’t care about level that much lol. But some teams do.



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They used money?

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100%. One of our favorite people and actually the one who brought alpacas to YY.

Although it’s important to say he also put in WERK. He would grind Gustav in KW for hours because that’s where he could get the points. In Gauntlet he’d smash the lowest islands for hours on end with regular attacks, not supers or megas, and end up with 82k by the end of a grind.


No they got to level 600 by pure willpower :rofl:


Double it Lol :joy:

It is already so much work to get one mythic, to get two is A LOT of work.


Eh, you just have to have the right amount of resources/consumables. It shouldn’t be too hard if you have the stuff. All you have to do then is play often and play wisely, and of course be mindful of how you spend your sigils, when you spend your sigils, and where you spend your sigils.


Still going be a couple seasons before i can get a mythic though, let alone two lol!

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Please refer to steps one and two :smiley:


Already am lol.


Easy collect close to 500k Ruby’s and about tow session and at 3 session you use ur collected stuff
And at end the Ruby’s for the sigil chest

But be more active at the session u wana get mythic in :grin:

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as long as he can fly the Hauhset, with One another setup dragon and Renard. Should be handy to hit bases good enough to score 8/8 PVP points. Thanks to few good Hauhset fliers, who impressed me and thats how i scored high points which Hauhset when i was below 140 lvl.


Yeah back in the day I would get my points in pvp through setting up bases with Necryx, kill/set with Hau, and finish off with Ember. Sigh back when Nec was king and I could fly well. :pleading_face:

Edit: of course this was back when being able to set up a base during war counted for something. I do miss those days. With the war changes of you must kill 70% to get 7 flames, more teams have become level snobs, with good reason.


Teams, I have been would find counter war to compensate the loss. Shouldnt be a big deal for 120-150 level to be in P1/S3 League. The Team’s willingness to accept the fellow buddy matters.


Your missing the important part . . . How many chests you need not just rubies


Very well drafted, I almost followed these and made few others follow similar to get mythic. Successfully I am getting my 3rd consecutive mythic. Need 3k sigils for my last key (that’s last key for Venus branch)

If we do this, we should also be able to save enough for next season. i am f2p type able to save 150k rubies, 400 gold chests, 3k Bronze. Got stuck with event page issues, else would have saved even further. I just reach 8/8 achievement in all events.


Well tow session if u collect is change from one another so maybe u have around 1k gold and couple platinums and draconic depending on how u invest ur sigils throw the branch’s so it is deffrent from one to another

And if you are asking a for a number to get tow mythic then probebly no one can give you the exact number
Hope i helped :blush: