How can I get points in the spring events?

I am a new player and I don’t now the way to get points in spring events

You have to join a team I think

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You have to participate in the weekly events. Find a good team, they will be able to guide you. :slight_smile:

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Join a good team and ask them to teach you. But as a basic guide: here.
Part 1; the event: 5 days a week there is an event. If you are in a team you can participate in the event by doing whatever the event wants you too do. In the event tab there an explication of what you are suppose to do for each event. When you do that enough you will get prizes and if your team also contributes you will get team prizes. You want to participate because a. You get prizes and b. The better your team does, the better your ranking in events will go, the better stuff you get when the event ends.
Part 2; the season: In the event screen there is a tab that is labeled season. In that tab there is special dragons you can get as well as dragon riders and an egg token boost. At your level I would save sigils untill all the dragons are released and then choose to try to claim as many prizes from that line as you can. These special dragons at your level have incredibly high attacks. To get to the screen where you can claim prizes from a line click on the dragon. But do not expect to claim them all. My first season I only claimed the first page and a half ish of the dragon I chose. I recommend at your level going for a dragon. At higher levels get the egg token boost first and for most. You can claim these by getting the required number of sigils from doing events.
Hope it helped!


Great explanation!

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