How can i get to atlas?

hi everyone ,
We r platiunim leage at the moment
Whem time to access atlas ?


got to make sap league and sit there a few weeks to gain atlas if i remember correctly lol or join a already atlas team

Some topics say that if u have platuinm leage it will be opening atlas maybe im wrong reading :slightly_smiling_face:

That is how it was previously when they did the last big rollout quite some time ago. Since then it has become sapphire or above only who will be added

So as Prince said, either your team has to make it to sapphire or you join/merge with a team that already has atlas. There are many struggling plat/gold teams that have atlas access

Atlas Rollout

Moving forward, all teams in Sapphire League or above will be eligible to be added to Atlas; however, eligible teams will have to confirm that they want to receive access through communications with Pocket Gems. Any teams outside of Sapphire, regardless of League, that currently have Atlas access will maintain their access to Atlas.

Rollouts will occur prior to the beginning of every Atlas Season, and a Spring Season rollout will occur in the next few weeks for all eligible Sapphire teams. After some time, we will reevaluate whether additional teams need/want to be added to Atlas.

If you are part of a Sapphire League (or above) team that wants to request access to Atlas, we will be reaching out to your team leaders regarding your team gaining access. We are also evaluating ways to automate the process and provide an easy option for eligible teams to request access.


Thanks for reply
Do u know to access my team to atlas :slight_smile:
How can i get in there ?
Cuz we need it :slight_smile:

go to sap league in doing so stay there for 3 weeks and after doing that contact pg for access only if you have been in sap league for 3 weeks back to back it is either 2 or 3 but that would be the only way to claim atlas