How can teams without Atlas get it?

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My team for a long time playing in the platinum 2 leagues. We thought that after situation, when Atlas came into platinum1 teams, we could have it in platinum 2 in the last update. But in the last Atlas update it was something like auctions, and we didn’t see Atlas again.
My questions are: when will Atlas update in the next time? Will it come into platinum 2&3 leagues? Or it will be an auction again? If the second one, so how could teams participate in it?

My kindest regards to support team and for all players!

@Gox1201 said it’s July.

Lol not all team in platinum 1 get access to atlas…
My team in platinum 1 and now in platinum 2 still not access to atlas.
And after S3 and P1 get atlas access, arelyna held a lottery to Platinum 4 and Gold League.

Just keep waiting until Springviel Atlas Season the end in July 11th

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