How did you Rune Naja?

Firstly I know you need to fly the dragon to decide what you need. Im just interested to see what direction others went and what different people feel was best

Im still leveling her so Ill obviously swap out the xp, just havent decided for what yet

Rage runes

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I’ll be watching your thread, keen to hear the experience of others on this one myself although I don’t have naja quite yet. I’ll be debating between mythic rage and mythic pride (12%hp) for example. Is rage more important than hp or vice versa?

I’d also love to know how to get more mythic rage runes if anyone has anything helpful to say - I have ONE lol.


lol many know my set up haha

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this gc?

Invoker HP glyphs and Mythic rage rune. If you have a mythic dragon HP rune I would put that as well

Edit: This isn’t about the topic, but I think you should go for a rider that is HP focused, and has rage regeneration. Ano is very good.

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If you happen to have a time machine so I can go back and get Ano, I’d be happy to :+1: :disappointed:


For Suresh too much Rage added with Runes.
10%+21% rage of runes is overdoing it, you will lag hp for sure.

Isn’t Leg. Tribute > Mythic Pride?

It reduces the mark of tributes cooldown by 0.33s so not really game changing. The mythic rune of pride has 12% hp which is a lot more then the legendary rune (4% hp)


Is reggie better than suresh too? I have ano on meglok and reggie on narl but will have to move it to naja if i dont get suresh (ill probablh go after the howitzer for the timers)

@OrcaFrost this is what I was thinking too. Very happy to be told I’ve missed something though?:+1:

Sadly don’t have Ano myself, will settle for Astrid which loses me 3% attack and 10%rage, can counter the rage with rage rune, means I lose 3% in naja attack but can go for the howy line for rss - that’s my current plan anyway

Im not a fan of her legendary (or really even her mythic). The cd reduction is tiny even compared to other like runes. The mythic only reduces by .66s so it’s pretty much a joke other than the HP boost. They should have just given her rage runes like they did Equestor way back in the day

Yes Reginald gives more HP boost than suresh.

I dont feel i need more HP, Naja dies fast if you make mistakes. Rage is my issue hence all the rage runes. And yeah i dont have any other invoker runes.


Well, with both u have -1 second cooldown to Mark of Tribute ( from 5s to 4seconds, isn’t too bad).

For seasonal runes and the amount of rune dust required, yeah that’s pretty bad since most other mythic glyphs would give 1s by itself.

I have ready 4 runes for Naja
What is better for 5th rune?

  1. +1 ammo
  2. Invoker +4 hp
  3. 7.5% rage?

Ammo runes only work on hunters.
Naja really doesn’t need HP.
so… rage.