How difficult is it to fix this, PG 🤔

You still get the XP though? I


You still get the xp you just don’t get the gold or shards

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I thought they supposedly DID fix the beasts escaping while under attack? :see_no_evil:

The beasts have been banned for exploiting the game.


This post literally doesn’t make any sense. You lose a healing potion, and dragon boosts but that’s it. You still get the same xp added to your dragon as you would if the beast doesn’t escape. It doesn’t waste your beasts gold/shard multiplier, because the attack doesn’t count. It’s a waste of like 2 minutes of your time, but that’s it. Move on and hit another beast. Not worth a forum post over it with incorrect info.


I’m a little confused at why you quoted an old closed topic and had nothing to add to it.

The original topic is inaccurate. You don’t lose anything, and before you attack the beast it tells you when it’s escaping. (So you know how much time you have)

It’s a by designed feature that originated with poachers, but I don’t see it as a bug or any less relevant of a mechanic. (Not sure it couldn’t be removed)

But as stated by others, you don’t lose anything. You get your xp, and your gold and shard multipliers are not consumed (Or that’s how it used to work the last time I checked). You may need to use a healing potion and attack more times than you wanted, but had you checked the time before it escapes before you attack, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Care to elaborate more on what you want/think?

Didn’t know this. Now know this. Shows how much attention I pay

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There was another bug - beast was changing level during attack - at the reset point, as I understand. Now they shouldn’t.

They are still escaping, though. Why it is done in such annoying way - who knows. It’s pretty simple to make it “as soon as attack has started - no escape”. The only thing it results now - everyone had to look in the screen corner to check time. Ah, one more - those who invent such mechanics still can’t recover his/her karma.

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Not so! I didn’t get gold, xp or anything for that matter. I lost my boost as well. Please don’t assume you know what happened to me when you clearly don’t. This is why i posted in the first place.
Edit: ftr…I don’t know why my post was quoted but I found it insulting you assumed it was inaccurate when you have no idea what happened at the time.

Please don’t get offended about statements not made at you. Your topic was closed and not once did you explain these details before it got closed. I’m only responding to the poster of this thread, who strangely created a post without any words of his or her own.

I explained how it works. Xp always registers unless the game crashes and the battle doesn’t complete. It’s possible a bug happened here but more likely you didn’t pay close attention.

If an escaped beast consumed a gold or shard multi, someone should record it and submit it as a bug. That’s entirely possible. It for sure didn’t used to do that but I wouldn’t be that surprised. This is almost certainly a bug if it happens and you can prove it. Submitting a support ticket would be what you need to do here.

And remember that beasts escaping are a designed mechanism, so check before attacking if you care enough. When they escape you should not receive gold or shards by design.

Leigh’s post was a year ago. I think whatever the behavior was then has changed. With this game it’s also always possible someone is seeing a weird glitch you haven’t seen. But this topic is pretty ridiculous since OP has nothing to say besides a year old quote.

Kind of my point. He/She had no reason to be offended.

i mean, you said “the original topic is inaccurate” quoting her words while you appear to be talking not about her specific case one year ago but today. You continue to criticize her saying she didn’t say stuff that was in her OP, and i have no idea why you’re arguing this since we all agree it has nothing to do with the system today. I think she had pretty solid grounds to correct you. If you thought you were responding to the current OP you used pretty strange language to do so.

I suggest @moderators close this pointless contentless topic. It’s contributing far less than a lot of stuff that gets closed in this forum.


Respectfully, I disagree. But I’ll refrain from explaining further as it’s off topic, and pointless.

If another mod feels like closing the thread they can, but it’s not harmful, and the op hasn’t asked for it to be closed.

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