How do atlas rollouts work


I understand there doesn’t seem to be any info as far as when the next atlas rollout will happen but I’m curious how it will work once it does. I’m assuming not all teams above gold league will just automatically get it if they don’t have it but I wasn’t sure if it was totally random or if you needed so much land or so many castles to be considered. Always trying to better educate myself with this game so any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

No more atlas for newer teams?

Most so far have been based on league position. The last two were to all teams in platinum leagues as of a certain date.

Castles or land are things you try to get after you get Atlas. (The thing you own is really a castle, which is on a piece of land with other castles, which may be owned by you or not.)


Omg wasn’t thinking there :joy: how would a team get castle without having atlas​:crazy_face::joy:

Ty so much for your answer. Wasn’t sure if it would just be a a seniority thing or a standings thing.
Back to the grind I guess :smiling_imp:


Make sure you stay in platinum and hope for the best, is all you can do at this point.


Atlas rollout used to be expanded once in every 3 months, but this time PG is too much late for Atlas rollout for the teams who don’t have atlas yet. My team in Platinum 4 serverely waiting for atlas rollout and it is 3 months and 20 days after last expension of atlas. Please PG. do not forget the rollout of Atlas!


The first ever platinum rollout was in July 2018. Followed by additional rollout in October of the same year.
Prior to that access to Atlas was given to Diamond/Sapphire leagues only and those several chosen ones from Platinum 1 (up to April '18), so it wasn’t on a regular basis to expect this happening all the time.


Not quite true, that was the first rollout to all of platinum, there had been earlier rollouts to select parts of platinum 1. But I agree there’s hardly an established pattern.

I do think there should be one. Monthly rollouts to platinum seem logical and sensible. As others have commented to avoid overloading those would likely come with atlas retractions for gold and below, which I’m also fine with.


I mentioned that :slightly_smiling_face:

While scheduled rollouts would bring some confidence to platinum teams, they’ll require harder work from PG, do they have time with all those Happiness and Quality life programs… it was suggested I think, but didn’t make it to the final list.


But you know that there are many teams waiting for atlas rollout in platinum league. They spend tough and frastrating wars time. They really expect it. We are players and not having atlas in platinum league reduces interest in the game. Please do add platinum teams in atlas.


I would love for PG to do more frequent rollouts but on a few conditions:

  • Platinum teams would have to be in platinum+ for a period of say 2-3 weeks. This proves that they are worthy of competing, and would ensure their roster could support being in Atlas.
  • Teams who have fallen from platinum for the same duration as before would have to lose Atlas access to make up for all the new teams constantly added. If they had any castles, they would be forfeited and their infrastructure would go into storage.
  • New platinum teams would not be able to complain that “things aren’t fair” for 2 months or they would immediately lose access. I’m sick and tired of teams asking and begging for it, then as soon as they get it they start to moan and complain.


Aggressively removing active teams from atlas based on league placement is one of the dumber things they could possibly do. Yes there are dying or inactive teams just taking up space in some db, but that’s a far cry from dropping to gold for weeks or even longer. A lot of teams drop to gold after something happens.

People get a kick out of heaping punishment on others when they’re down, but it’s dumb.

I very much doubt that’s going to solve anybody’s scaling issues either. The obvious scale fail in atlas now seems to be many primarchs in one spot, and there are many more than enough players in atlas to trigger that already. Adding a few more will not noticeably hurt that, and removing truly inactive teams will probably not help it much, as they have fewer and less active players.


What should we do to those who whine about the whiners? That should be like a double atlas revocation and please leave your gear at the door, right?


We really don’t know the scale issues, unless someone from PG infrastructure team talks here. All conjectures

And I support @mechengg proposal of dropping Atlas to teams off of Plat for 3/4 weeks. If you don’t have enough activity to remain in Plat IV you don’t have enough also for Atlas


Lol, I get where this comes from, but if you’re getting sick of it now the rule won’t help. Nobody has received Atlas access for about 5 months now so anyone complaining is well past the 2 month moratorium.


And whiners who whine about other people whining? :joy::joy::joy: around and around we gooooo

For the record, I support very frequent rollouts with the cost of people losing atlas if they stay below Plat for 5 weeks.


Staying in platinum takes 50 members who do their wars. Success in atlas requires activity and some decent levels - they’re totally different things.

I care about this a tiny bit because I’ve seen a number of teams drop to gold despite being very active in atlas. Also, realistically two weeks to climb back up is just one, because one of those weeks is usually pvp where you can’t make as many rating points and are in a spending war to make those you can, even in high gold.

And it doesn’t take much to damage a team and make it drop. Warring a team might even become a strategy to take their castles or revenge an atlas action at the margin. Atlas and the crusty league/war system really don’t need to be tightly linked.


Five weeks seems reasonable. That way any team getting ganged up on has time to fight their way back. Otherwise teams without castles can target teams with castles so they lose access to Atlas… Not really the dynamic I would like to see.


They aren’t being aggressively removed.

If you want the ability to be automatically added then there should be a method of automatic removal. I suggested 2-3 weeks, but feel free to suggest a different time frame of 4-6 week if you wish. If a team can’t stay in platinum for over a month then maybe its time to regroup and focus on main game more rather than Atlas.


It was added in for a satirical take from the other side of the fence vs what was being asked. Of course it’s not a rule that has any hope of being implemented.

“For Fun”


I agree with this if your team drops you should be removed after X amount of weeks to everyone that says is unfair to remove teams and also unfair not to add them is contradicting their self. It’s not fair to gold leagues that some have atlas and some don’t just because of what they once were as well as not fair to plat teams without while playing against teams with. You can’t have one unfair and not the other. Atlas doesn’t belong in Gold leagues and below they need to work on getting their team straight and have active rosters before worrying about atlas.

And @mechengg you have sapphire teams crying about how atlas is unfair boo-hoo they should get over it yes but I sense your humor there and hope your only adding salt to the wound because the whinny people will never be gone they are in every league.

I have been outspoken about plat teams (including mine) not having atlas for about 2 months now, call it whining idc really it needs to happen and should have happened 2 months ago.