How do atlas rollouts work


Maybe PG should update their servers so everyone can have access to the entire game. Seems insane to be talking about who should get access to a portion of the game and who shouldn’t get access. Everyone should be playing the same version of the game.

Additional note from a customer service rep from PG they told me Atlas would be rolling out to all Gold tiers at some point via a help ticket.

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Never believe help desk.


Meh, just remove atlas for everyone except D1 teams. :rofl:

Spend enough to be up top or you get nothing!

How about that? lol

I tend not to be sarcastic, but some of the replies here -not pointing at yours btw- and of the similar topics are just way damn too much. :zipper_mouth_face:

Whiners who whine about other people whining about the people whining about the people whining and on and on. xD


Teams waiting many months in P4 to get Atlas and competing with teams who have atlas. Not fair. At entry of P4, a team should have Atlas , they deserve. They could reach P4.

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Agreed. If they stay in Plat for X weeks they should get Atlas, and if they drop out of Plat for X weeks they should lose atlas.


Is there any update on this from PG? If they are going to be adding platinum teams soon or any time table or any information?


Basically you can get access at the start of each atlas season by being in Sapphire and requesting access. No rollouts for platinum anymore. But some of the perks (like gear) are becoming available for all teams without atlas as well.


It’s literally impossible to get to Sapphire fighting against teams that have all the bonuses of atlaswhen you don’t. What kind of game is this when players at the bottom have half the game and they make it impossible to compete. That’s just bull.


Yeah no non atlas team will make it to sapphire. My team just made it to sapphire again last month and half the team is lvl 300 and has like 20 castles and it was still a hard fight

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Before anyone starts trying for sapphire, I’d ask PG very clearly HOW THE ACCEPTANCE PROCESS WORKS.

Right now other than a vague “we’ll be contacting you” there are no actual details. And I bet that also only applies to teams currently in sapphire who have no atlas.

So @pgEcho @PGEggToken @Crisis @Arelyna how will new sapphire teams in future get access to atlas? What is the process? Who do they contact? When will they be admitted?


Here is what we said in the announcement:


Thanks, but need more details I think.

How soon before each season do the team need to be in sapphire?
Do they need to be in sapphire for a period of time before being considered?
When will the leaders be approached?
Will the invite still be extended if the team loses sapphire status?


I will double check with PGSqurl and the rest of the Atlas for some more information.


Teams who are not able to reach saphire league from platinum 4. Will they remain with no atlas disppointingly? Or will there be any change again that gives hope to platinum teams to have atlas? @Arelyna


For now, Sapphire will be where rollouts take place moving forward. As stated in the announcement, we may reevaluate this in the future, but this is how it stands at the moment.


Do you mind to have a little experiment @Arelyna?

Say, let pg starts a brand new team (alts preferred), where none of them has Atlas access.
Let them reach Atlas threshold league (spending allowed) and stay there for 4 - 8 weeks.

I think most of us are interested to know how much must we spend (preferably using chart), and how should we spend it. Or even how should we do, in case for E2P/F2P players, in order to reach it.

Doesn’t have atlas access means hasn’t ever had the access.

I think this is a valid experiment for evaluation.


So getting to sapphire is a easy breeze? :joy: yeah okay.

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