How do Clans advance in leagues


How do Clans advance in leagues?


You war other teams and do well in pvps.


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Assuming that your team is strong enough.

2 wars daily during minor event is a good way to jump the league.


With War, It’s a numbers game,In that a team of 50 inactive level 6 players, that don’t even need to do 1 attack, would beat a team of 25 level 600s even if most of them did their attacks.

I think that if 50 people didn’t show up and even 1 person on the other team attacked he wins.

I understand how it works and once to plat its a non issue, unless your still a gold team in plat.


Um, I’m 99.999999% certain that it doesn’t work that way if the other team is missing enough people. Empty roster = 5 free flames per slot for the other team. If there was a team of 50 and a team of 25 and all of the 25 players attacked, it would be a tie… unless the team of 50 defended even one of those war runs. Then the team of 50 would win based on defense points.


Wouldn’t they end up getting the same amount of flames in the end? Of course the lv 600s would win from defends tho…


The team of 25 would be disadvantaged as they can only get 25 x 5 flames ( 125 flames )

The team of 50 would automatically get 5 flames for each person the other team didn’t have, making them start with 125 flames without doing anything. In her scenario if all 25 players went and got 5 flames and the 50 person team had nobody go, they would tie. Except that if even one attack from the team of 25 was defended, the team of 50 would win assuming nobody attacked and provided a defense.

It greatly advantages full teams. It prevents people from making a team of like 1 level 600 and being unbeatable.


By winnng Wars.

You must declare wars or be declared on. To declare wars you must have enough team medals to pay for the declaration.

When your team rating crosses the threshold for a rank in the next league, you will get promoted at the next promotion period (if you are still above the line at the time)

It uses an ELO system (feel free to read up on Wikipedia) where your rating compared to your competitions rating are compared, and if you win with a lower rating you get more points than if you win with a higher rating. That is to say you get less or lose less points when you perform as your rating predicts.

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