How do flames work?


I tried to search and could not locate any questions with regards to mine so…how is it possible for one player to use 3 dragons and still get 5 flames? I don’t believe his dragons died as he swapped them out before then but still, I thought if only one player attacks with no help and more than 1 dragon was used, the flames would be less. If that’s the case then I’ll swap mine too, but just never saw that happen before. Thx!


Those would be called inner fire, unless I’m wrong of course shrugs


Screenshot? :eyes:


Inner fire only add fire in PvP event (scoring only), not in other attack.


Then idk, could be hack shrugs again


One dragon, one flier = 5 flames
One dragon, one flier + a second flier with their drago = 5 flames
Two dragons, one flier = 4 flames
So on and so forth. % of base destroyed factors into it.

During PvP events, Inner Fires kind of add flames. One person could use three dragons all with Inner Fires equipped and get five flames. If Inner Fires are used outside an event attack, this will not apply. :t_rex:


Worth noting that this applies only if the destruction rate is 99% or more.


Sorry I wish I recorded this attack. We are doing war and when I defended he switched out 3 times and I was expecting to see 3 flames but I checked and it was 5. Did not see inner fire attached.

Edit: And of course the base ended at 100%


Did you check usernames? He could have been a decoy while a real attack snuck in behind to get no defenders.


Never thought of that


All I noticed is that there was only one attacker while another player and I defended. But even if there was another attacker then still should have got 4 flames. But I’m 100% sure there was only one attacker.


Well, you can’t see any defense invite while attacking/defending. So…


True but if someone joins it usually appears in the upper right corner. Defenders and attackers.


I’m saying that this guy attacks you, you and your teammates join the defense against him, and then a different person attacks while you guys are busy defending against the first one.

Also, I don’t know what league you’re in, but if someone attacks you and doesn’t bring backup, it’s safe to assume it’s not a real attack in higher leagues.


It showed the persons name as the attacker on the war list, but you’re saying another person comes in, does it with one dragon yet shows the original owners name?
Edit: gold II


I’m not saying that’s exactly what happened, just saying it was the most likely possibility. If you’re sure it’s the same guy then I have no clue. :man_shrugging:


I appreciate all the responses as these are also good to know! Thank you. I’m gonna record their attacks till the end of war in case it happens again.


Sounds like an old glitch… usually done intentionally :speak_no_evil: used to be a big issue during wars


:see_no_evil: I feel like a newbie here…


Too bad it wasn’t working for my team, oh well. That just sucks!