How do I block a cyber bully?

I understand it’s a war game. However 10+ consecutive raids from the same person in less than 30 minutes. How do I block Kazehara03?

You cannot. You should tell your leader and also send a message to his leader saying he is farming you. Farming is frowned upon.

I checked he’s level 30. Probably just a new player who doesn’t understand what’s expected. Email his leader and he will learn.

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You cant block someone from attacking you. You can, however, pm him asking to stop and if that doesnt work ask your team to make him their permanent farm and mission base, assuming they can take him. Usually after a few attacks they get the message

Thank you Grumpybigbird and NeviDim4ik. I’ve asked him to stop and he hasn’t. I’ll contact his leader now.

Also, other possibilities are that English isn’t the person’s first language, or they don’t know about XP farming teams like XPFarmsLooseX1, FaradinXPfarms, XPfarms (particularly NanoDoc and MicroDoc for destroy x number of towers :green_heart: Doc), etc. or teamless ones like MsMersy (empty base).

You could change your name for 20rubies… this will help if he has you bookmarked

But not if she has mailed him, which I think she has:

Or just ignore them? The more you mail them, or their leaders, the more fun the game will get.

Ever hear the phrase, the squeakiest wheel gets the oil? Keep mailing em, you’re the wheel…

Didn’t think about that. Thanks

I did email his leader, an he replied with he will talk to Kazehara03. It’s been over 12 hrs and kazehara03 has not hit back

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We had a super aggressive player in our team, and we got fed up with him, he got kicked out. After that zillions of attacks against my team from him. I feel sorry for his new team… I hope his leader can talk some sense into him (however I still say that such person should be banned forever). But if not, what would you do with a stronger player than yourself?

Ignore him, they get bored.

They looking to get a rise from you, aka a heated debate.

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every cell in my body hopes that it would work…

Ooorrr, you can hit back… This is war after all :joy::joy:

No in all seriousness ignore the douche.

  1. Make sure you don’t have resources they can easily take by using it or sending it to another player who is online and agrees to take it.
  2. Ignore any mail he sends and block him right away
  3. Realize that he just wants your attention

I am an officer and to assist my mates I am also a vault. Therefore I have plenty of resources at all times.

As he was a member of my team just 6 hours ago we had some mails, and after the last insult that backfired at him he didn’t respond. any more. (he wished me to die in my sleep. I think that’s a very peaceful way, so I thanked him and wished him better luck :slight_smile: ) I think he went to sleep, so I will see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully he finds a new motive.

Thank you all for the kindness!


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