How do I create my own team?

The help bit in the game is absolutely useless, can someone please tell me how to make a team?

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As I understand it, the way you can create a team of your own is to:

A) Leave your current team (if any)
B) Go to the team meeting hall building on your base
C) Create your own team


You are almost certainly better-off finding a team that shares your activity level/interests/values/etc. than starting your own team, unless you wish to play by yourself, or maybe with one or two others. You will be at a severe disadvantage, especially since recruiting players - let alone powerful, skilled, active, friendly players - has grown quite difficult.


Don’t do it!!! :grimacing:

It will take away from your own game progression, over half your time in game will be messaging, recruiting, in chats, etc.

Plus you do not have Atlas so that will
Push you back even further.
Not to mention all the tokens, timers and prizes you have lost by dropping down
To bronze league.

Few months in & Now your nowhere near where you could have been.

That’s not even the worst part…

Let’s say after countless hours of recruiting 6
Months in (It would be much longer then this)
You finally have a full roster and a decent team, most are active and of decent
Level you are on cloud 9 because you have advanced out of gold and hit Plat 4 :grin:
(Most Plat 4 teams will eventually disband)
Some of these teams have lost players and dropped down from P2/P3 but they had Atlas for 8+ months so there dragons & bases are
10x stronger then your teams. You start losing
Wars again, juggling around from Plat 4
& Gold 1 some of your best players get tired
Of losing others get tired of not having Atlas. So they leave for a better team.
After one leaves it opens the door for a few others who have been wanting to leave but just didn’t want to be the first one…During this time your caught off and half the league declares on you.
Push back down low into Gold where your back trying to rebuild.
Your more determined then ever! So you spend all of your time trying to recruit
Until you realize it’s useless because the half decent players all want what you cannot offer.

A year has now passed & The dream of rising the ranks getting into Sapphire and gaining Atlas is slowly starting
To come to end.

If by some chance you took over leadership of an Atlas team the wolves will eat you alive & your players will get tired of not owning any castles or getting any of the bonuses al the other teams get

It’s not what you think it will be…

Your better off leaving that alone & joining a good team! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


I’m just messing around :+1:

Step 1: DONT
Step 2: refer back to step 1
Step 3: Why are you at this step, what part of step 2 was unclear?

The game doesnt need any more teams, there are already sooooooooooooo many struggling teams out there already and there is no need for another one. Join one of those teams out there and help make it stronger. Probably 90% of the new teams created will just collect a few lower level players, struggle to compete down in lower gold and then eventually disband as all of its members leave or go inactive. If you’re a serious and dedicated player then most teams will be happy to have you. Active members are the rarely rss in this game

Seriously PG needs to just shut off team creation for about a year. Maybe let teams change their team name once every 6 months or something but we dont need new ones created.


Not only that, but I can presume you are probably pretty new to the game. Isolating yourself in an echo chamber won’t do you any good. Get on a team with bigger players who have experience in the game and advise you on the best way to grow. The game is a lot more complex than it seems, and you’ll want people who can help guide you in the right direction so you don’t end up level 200 with platinum dragons and an undefendable base.


If you have to,ask, you can’t afford it.

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I had the dumb idea of building my own team and all the things Twitchx said happened for the most part. I finally left the team and the worst thing is seeing the people who I became friends with and enjoyed the game with are now slowly going inactive. That is the worst thing and you don’t want to see that.


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