How do I do the thing where you use hauheset and some other drags to destroy a way higher level person

So can anyone Explain how a setup works


A setup dragon? Or something else?


Can you explain your choice of title? And your question for that matter?


It’s important?


… a setup dragon or something else isn’t a yes or no question?

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I changed my title and basically yk how low lvl people use Hauheset and 2 other dragons to take down higher level person that’s a setup and i just wanted to know how to do one


Changed the title

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You sand some towers, blink some towers, crumble more towers, rewind like you’re doing the moonwalk, then clean up with death gaze dragon.


Looks more complicated then it sounds from what I’ve seen

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Thanks, that’s a lot more clear now.

It’s hard to put the fine details in just words. There are a lot of videos that show the process though, some of them narrated too:

Loading Hau up with rage runes helps. And setting up full bases with blue mages with Hau is something that will take a lot of practice, likely hundreds of runs.


It is very complicated to fly hau perfectly like you would have to in order to do this, there also isn’t much incentive anymore for this where as in the past it helped teams win wars etc.

The short answer is patience. There are great guides out there with the best quite possibly being the Hunter chat on LINE. A very polite message to @YukonDragonfly might result in you being added there.

As a place to start before choosing to go down the Hau route, remember Hau’s tenants:

  1. Be patient and don’t get frustrated

  2. Kiss your heals goodbye, youre about to blow thousands of them

  3. DO NOT THROW DEVICE! Set it down and walk away

  4. Regular bases are the best to practice on. the higher, the better

  5. DO NOT put runes on Hau until you are proficient in her spells. It is a waste if you decide not to keep her

  6. DO NOT level Hau unless necessary for breeding, then only to breeding level. Leveling her does not make you any better.

Note: These are not my rules nor do I take any credit for creating them.


Oh, I remember when I first learnt to blink using Hauheset. I burnt like 2K healing potions

I’d like to add that learning how to sand/death gaze two (or even three) towers is also crucial. It will save you a lot of rage and the success of the run depends on your ability to manage your rage properly.

This video may be helpful for you


This video is on the longer side and it is 100% worth the watch.


Hey. I was wondering if anyone knows where to watch the ragnar flying hau? Used to watch but when he left I can’t find them anywhere.

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It’s likely that he may have deleted his videos as well. Otherwise, you should be able to find him. Otherwise, there are a bunch of other great guides on YouTube.

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Or make his vid unlisted or keep it as for himself



I have a Line chat that is available for people wanting to learn how to do the thing!

Edit: Rag did take his videos off of YouTube but they’re in Line chats. :eyes:


As for the OP:

Here is a video that shows the concept of how to blink.

Here is a video that shows the flak mechanics—how quickly or slowly their firing rates are.

Both of these videos were made by a member on my current team (he still plays). Good luck in your journey towards Hauheset mastery. She is a tricky dragon indeed.