How do i get a dragon rider?

Im new to the game but how can i get a dragon rider? It doesn’t explain it or it doesn’t tell me how to aqier the gems or whatever

You needs red and blue gems/shards from atlas to hire atlas riders (Crom, Kasima, etc)
There are seasonal rider(s) which are earned through event participation and through the rider branch.

Since you are level 11, you don’t have access to atlas yet. You will get it later. I forget which level. 25 or something :man_shrugging:

Anyway, right now the only way for you to get a rider is though one of the seasonal branches. On Wednesday, there will be a new rider branch. Save your sigils and see which rider you want to get.

In case you didn’t know, you get sigils from event participation. You use the sigils to get prizes in the seasonal branches.

Ask your teammates about events and branches. There is a new event every Wednesday at 2pm PST.


A rider that is not maxed is not that useful, so there is no point getting a seasonal rider unless you finish the whole branch. I wouldn’t risk it in your first season.


At lower levels, any rider will give you an advantage because it will allow you to equip gear. It doesn’t even have to be elite gear. Small advantages make a huge difference.


Depends … you have to be on a team with Atlas access as well

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