How do I get help desk to read the issue?

I’m very frustrated trying to at least put in a ticket and get a response that shows my ticket was read. I’m on response 5 now of an obvious issue with this game and Android 9. None of these responses have had anything to do with both a screen shot of the issue and an explanation of the problem. I have received cookie cutter responses to this issue running the entire Gambit of common issues people are currently experiencing. Anyone have a clue how to address this?

Send it in Japanese?


You can lead the cattle to the pond, but can never make them drink.

I reported 2 separate issues in one ticket, and it took me 3 more to make them notice the first one.

I don’t know how the helpdesk operates - whether they have dedicated teams for all the games they support or all the agents are universal - but regardless, their way of responding is “not meeting expectations” to put it nicely.

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There is a special button on your phone with a word on it. It’s spelled u n i n s t a l l. Press it and poof, no more issues

Edit: issues will return if you reinstall

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I could do that… Good thought lol

My phone doesn’t have that button :laughing: instead, I have to press and hold down on an app until all my apps start wiggling in fear over what will happen to them (either that or they are wriggling with excitement over the prospect of getting moved to a new location and making new friends with other apps). When the apps are in this state of excitement, they grow an “X” in the upper left corner. Pressing the X will cause a message to appear asking if I’m certain I wish to delete the app and all the data it contains.



All except the WD app as it’s too busy gazing at its navel to realise it’s about to get terminated. Kind of like the devs here…

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You could try asking @Arelyna or @PGJared to look at it for you?

Unfortunately a fair few of my experiences with tickets haven’t been the greatest - they like to start with giving you copy-pasted types of answers and then when that doesn’t work you’re lucky to get another response in a timely manner.

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