How do I proceed to upgrade my builder hut to level 38

How do I proceed to upgrade my builder hut to level 38? I am stuck for months now.

What is your blocker? Do you have the eggs? Timers? Level? What does it say when you try to upgrade it


This. Information is needed. Sure we could spout the general requirements, but it’s best to share the info for your situation so that you can helped with the best info. :slightly_smiling_face:

Like the 2 above me have said, we need more information. A screen shot of the message given to you when you try to upgrade your breeder hut would be SUPER nice. But until we get more information that not much many of us can tell you advice wise. We can give you a half assed assumption, but lets be fair toy probably dont want that.

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Most important you do need your eggs , I’m in the same situation, So I feel you.

Some of those earlier levels I remeber as being a bit painful with random blockers.

@Morreion website is my goto to work out what they might be

Base level needs to be 255 so you are ok there.

You need 4x Harbinger eggs and 826,000 lumber

If you have the eggs then it could be your storage hut blocking you as it needs to be level 52 to give you enough wood capacity to do the upgrade.

If you don’t have the eggs and spent them on research then at least we are in breed event now so you can make them today.

And again Moriens website has some great combos to use - 8k eggs will get 4x Harbinger eggs.