How do I report some other people swearing and bullying?

This person is swordangel2014 they used foul messages towards me and claims i am bullying and hem and they continue to bully me and keeps sending me message after message???

Just tell them that your dad can beat up their dad


Block them


Click their name in chat there is a report button make sure you screen shot anything they said for the support ticket. Also after collecting the information there is a block button, press the block button, support will resolve your ticket and you no longer have to chat with that player. Also all reports are Anonymous to the person you report and/or block, so unless you post in forums they wouldn’t even know it was you that reported/blocked them.


Well they just posted it on Forums so i doubt anonymity is an issue for the poster lol


that why I said it that way lol obviously this guy doesn’t care


If you have concerns about a player in game - whether it be their messages, posts, behavior, or legitimacy of their account - and think they are breaking the Terms of Service (TOS) please report them in game!

You can report from chats by clicking their name and pressing the report button that also has the ability to block the player. For messages, you can block the player and screenshot the message to attach in a report. In general, you can file a report by clicking settings (looks like a cog) and pressing “contact us”.

Seriously, I tried reporting maybe 1 or 2 out of curiosity . Didnt want to kill popcorn time in LC but report doesnt work. But that was long time ago, I dont know now. Pls post here if anything good comes up :smiling_imp:.

well just keep on reporting, but dont block them if you want the drama.

Not every bad behavior would result in a perma account ban, some would receive like a day of chat ban to a week depending on the severity of the message.

If the person is so toxic (forgot the name of the guy who trash talk a lot and got perma ban on every communication channel in-game), then a perma ban on chat and mails would be given. You won’t hear anything from them, but you can feel their toxicity from their attacks.

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Sounds fun. :smiling_imp:.

There are things you can do to frustrate him in game too

No matter how many people say ignore, planned retaliation is still on top the the list.


@ToNyRen Is right. Coordinated raids from allies usually get someone’s attention. Especially if it’s a resource event or you target their officers as well.

Yep bullying is not good I should kno I get bullied a lot:green_apple:

Put down your device and go play another game.

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Dorble is right. This is a war game. If your ears are sensitive put on the filter. If someone annoys you, block them. If you still can’t handle it just find a new game. Perhaps FarmVille?


This is a communication game that involves other players. Like dorble and mike said, maybe another game would be good.

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