How do I save videos of my attackers? 😍

Hi ya’ll,

Sometimes I get attacked by dragons that I’ll never get to own. I wanna save those vids but dunno how. Is there a way to do that? Thank you! :hugs:

Press this button, then go to your replay and follow the dragon.

I think someone already asked this for Android so give a search if you have android as well.

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usally u can record with Iphones ( swipe up)

and also with Samsungs…

I have no button :sob:

Settings > control center > customize controls >

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Got it. You are my hero for the day! :kissing_heart::rose::rose:

Mark me as a solution and I will accept :smiley:

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There ya go :+1:t3:

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Wear a gopro?

(sorry I know it was answered properly up there, its just the first reaction on reading the title)


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