How do I send a mail to 3 players only?

Is it even possible? Or can I only do idividual mail and team mail? I think it’s possible since you can use spaces in the to section even though no name can use spaces.

never heard of that, copy paste the message it will be faster

The reason I ask is because the other 3 people also need to be able to see and mail each other. Would we really have to copy and paste each reponse 3 times over?

Open up a group chat


Group chat isn’t big enough, and it sometimes doesn’t last long enough for all parties involved to see everything. We aleady tried it twice, but our inconsistent online times as well as the sheer amount of info were trying to convey makes the group chat unreliable.

Then i’d suggest out of game means such as Line or other messaging applications. Group chats work just fine for me unless you guys spam hundreds of messages all the time or don’t log in for weeks at a time.

Is Line available on Android and IOS?

Yes. Most teams use it to coordinate

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Thanks, I’ll try to get everyone to use it.

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