How do I solve glitch with storage upgrades?

I be.ive there was a glitch with my storage tower. I upgraded by lumber mills before I needed to upgrade my storage tower. It says I need to upgrade my lumber mills when I try upgrading the storage tower but when I go to the lumber mills it says I need to upgrade the storage tower first. I thought I could put the mills in storage but I can’t. I would really like suggestions. Please tell me if you too have had this issue.

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got screenshots?
what level are the mills and the storage?

I don’t recall any farm or mill levels gated by storage. It’s more likely they’re blocked by your builder hut.

What I suspect is happening: Certain storage levels are gated based on your resource/hr production levels. You could upgrade your farms and mills, but if you’re in a hurry you can apply a wood or food production boost at your storage hut to get over the hurdle. Wood production is also boosted during Fortification events. (The next Fort should be in two weeks.)

For completeness sake: a defense rider can also boost your production levels, and there might be research idk. But those are permanent solutions to a very temporary problem, I would not worry about them.


What henfon said. Since you just joined the forum Im pretty sure youre confusing the storage building with the builders hut. You need to upgrade the building which requires dragon eggs to upgrade. :slight_smile:

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