How do I transfer my account from one phone to the other without having to start all over?k

I’m trying to get all my things back but it keeps making me start the game all over I habe thousands of eggs rubies wood and what not but now I’m down to level 1 again with nothing and I used the same account email and everything but I still have to start from the beginning why is this?

On your current account, go to the settings (gear) tab on the bottom right of the screen, select Account, and Log Out (make sure you have a Pocket ID!). Then you can uninstall on that device. For your new device, install War Dragons and you will have to wait and follow the tutorial until the settings pop-up is available, then select it, go back to Account, and there should be a Log In button. Input your email, password, reboot game, and it should be good to go.

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Sounds like account sharing…banned.

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