How do people fly Marav against a short island with a Crystal Howitzer?

I’ve been recently seeing a lot of bases around my level with a tower layout on the first short island as

Crystal Howitzer —————Blue Mage
———————— Red Mage ——————
Dark Ice or Fire flak ———— Dark Ice or Fire flak

Attacking at the same tier my Marav is frequently getting hit by one CH shot when the blue mage in the back cancels out disembody, usually killing Marav. I‘m wondering how people get around this happening


Probably need consumables like reverse projectile

Aim for the blue mage as you turn with your invoked shot, and then quickly tap your blue spell


Who put a Howitzer on a short island instead of the long one? :eyes::joy:


Yeah. Reverse Projectiles or Invincibility helps a lot. Self Destruct is a nifty, temporary shield but it does suck that you can’t attack with committing suicide with your dragon

I tried aiming for the blue mage first with the invoke shot but I can’t seem to pull it off, is there no other way except consumables?

:joy: my first attack after the comment above I figured out how to hit the back blue, thanks for the help everyone

A lot of people

And it is easy to beat


lol well while the ch broke you add a spelll that can destory that ch lol if not its going to hurt!

No don’t go for howie, go for the blue mage because then you can use your spell which pretty much dodges everything except the pylon, ice turret,storm tower, and sometimes fire turret


Lightning’s as well

CH are bugged at the moment and basically instant shoot like a machine gun.

Once that is fixed it should be much easier to nuke blue mage and then use your blue spell while surviving.

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