How do perch resists and totems interact?

How does the resistance given by the perched legendary+ dragon work if you also have a totem on your base? Previously I’d been told that the totem trumps the perch resist, so if I had 10% fire and ice resist on my perches but had a max earth totem then I’d only get the 19% earth resist. Is that correct?
What about once the totem dies, do the resists from the perches kick in or do they stay off.
Say I had a Lockjaw on my seagazer perch and Reyze on my riverwatch perch but had an earth totem on my island 3. If the totem does trump the perch resists then islands 3-8 have the 19% earth resist but once the totem dies what about islands 1 and 2? Do they get the ice resist from Lockjaw or do they get nothing?

Whichever is higher should dominate. Same as construction time bonus from defensive riders

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The totems dominate (even lvl 1 totems, IIRC) and once it is destroyed the perches do not kick in.

So putting a totem right at the very front ultimately weakens your base.

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This is what I assumed but wasnt sure

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