How do u get Moonfang?

I got all three dragons but I still can’t buy moonfang and the it’s not link to chimerak too

You have to get the Obsidian stone for Chimerak, Spindra, and Gargula (finish all three lines) before Moonfang unlocks.

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And spend 50000$ to get the sigils :grin:

lol, almost accurate.

There are other threads about this too, you can actually search for previous topics like this or about this by using the search function up top! ;]

This question is coming back really frequently and I think I know why. You are not to blame for your lack of knowledge because this is not mentioned anywhere in the season tab that you have to own all three illustrated Dragons with their last evolution stone to unlock the last Dragon. This is just implied when you look closely at the illustration

Chimerak 88M + Spindra 88M + Gargula 88M = Moonfang

This not only shows the maximum power of those Dragons but also hints to how to get the last one. Though it is not clearly stated anywhere in the season tab and I think it’s a mistake for new players that may have missed the messages explaining how seasons work…


:open_mouth:O wow that is incredible crazy. It must take a long time to get…

I’m a newb and absolutly didn’t know what I was supposed to do with the seasons…still not clear what we’re suppose to do here…can someone give synopsis on what we do here? Please

To make it crystal clear.

To get the seasonal mythic dragon you need to do this.

Finish all not discounted dragons until LAST STONE (I.e. obsidian) to unlock the mythic path.

This season that means don’t get Necryx or the rider or the mummy dragon which is also discounted, go straight to the 3 non discounted dragons.

Price for doing so is around $2500 if you didn’t save a ton before maybe $1500 when you wait till double sigil weeks (but then it’s too late to start training those dragons while others have them already at expert and new dragons come with next season already).

To get all content you need to spend like $4000 that means all side branches, the discounted dragon, the rider and the mummy dragon.

Forget about getting a mythic without heavy spending or saving up for a year (all your rubies and gold chests) to get the mythic you like.

Season lasts three months, that’s roughly 12 events generally starting on Wednesday til Monday. During that time you can unlock exclusive prizes including Dragons. You earn points in events by completing certain conditions (for ongoing fortifications event it’s using mainly woods and other resources to level up your base buildings). There are rewards you can claim in points achievement’s which are your personal prizes, and at certain rewards tier you obtain sigils. Those sigils can be used in the season tab to claim season prizes throughout the season (sigils are carried over between events in the same season, but not between different seasons). The rule of thumb to have the strongest Dragon/best prizes possible is to choose only one line of reward and stick to your choice, but you are free to test other ways. Be careful though because that way you split your sigils and you are less likely to obtain a Dragon who can fly with you a long time.

Depending on your level and team ranking, you may have more or less difficulties to do great in events and earn plenty of sigils, but as you grow you will steadily do better : get a good dragon to his max stone… Or unlock a second one to a usable level… Maybe one day you will be able to get a Mythic Dragon in seasons… Just do your best at events and it will always be worth it :blush:.

I have a shared WD Folder with a lot of information for players new and old. In this is my own personal advice for players on Seasons, with many versions depending on your level.

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I just get attacked by a Moonfang!? The owner is under lvl hundrets. His three best dragons are just moonfang, one of the three eventdragons which you need to get MF. And one usual dragon!?
Maybe i have to say that the base building is like he played the first day, over all islands and stuff.
I think this situations could come together in a normal way, but for sure. It looks a little strange to me. What you guys think about it?

You don’t have to be a high level to get moonfang, you just have to spend a lot. I don’t see anything wrong with this.

A level 78 on my alts team has moonfang. Yes he dropped some serious coin but he also played hard all season to earn sigils. Nothing untoward for a lower level to have moonfang.

A note about the top three dragons -
This is very easy to manipulate by inactivating any of the dragons you don’t use via the den or an empty spot on your roster or by boosting the dragons you want to appear there. My only top dragon was a L1 Ember at one point earlier today :smiley:

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