How do we deal with threats?


Sooooooo is there any way to deal with players sending threats and saying they will farm the team and the players out there?

Just need to get all the info before I send my ticket and evidence as it seems support may not be the best at dealing with this :question:

Background :

Team disbanding (leader is going through tough times and person 1 went on league chat and ask for a new team. Leaving immediately)
Castle is settled within the alliance.
Person 1 wasn’t too happy as he thinks all the gold is his hard work when everyone chipped in (I personally donated at least 50m but never once ask for return).
The rest of the team have their questions answered or still answering .


Report? :roll_eyes:
I believe that Farming is fine, while threatening isn’t (rule-wise…)

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They won’t do anything about it unless you have proof they are threatening harm. Team threats Support will do nothing. How do I know been there done that. They will just say block the person and don’t respond sadly


If these are the types of threats they are sending, I suggest you take it up with your local police department. However If they are personal as in real life threats or racist etc… than you can report them directly through their profile.


:thinking: Unofficial war? Anti-bullying group?


Lol is this serious?


Being racist does that count :joy:. I know it’s annoying but the person is an adult and I find it humorous that he treats this game gold as tho it’s real :man_facepalming:


Very. I can understand it sounds like a joke but cussing and racist remarks over gold that is in game just shows how much this person treats it like a real life


Cussing the crap on a daily basis and racist remarks. Reporting thank you for the advice :+1:


Seems like it … I’m just reporting the person instead .


Tell support pr better yet inform @Arelyna she always helps out :slight_smile:


Have you tried this incredible feature called Block? If this doesnt work have u tried not giving af or being less off a sissy? Perhaps a war game is not suitable for you.

(With all due respect)

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Block he/she who’s swearing. Or actually show proof of these racist insults so people believe you. SIMPLE


That would result in me posting the messages of the person. Which I have done before and the topic was close immediately so I’ve decided to report it. With all the screenshot of the chat to pg through a ticket .

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Report, block, and move on.


Telling the team to do so now or what’s left of the team


Send pics of the racist remarks to Support. Those tend to get a quicker response than threats. Just my observation. :woman_shrugging:

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Theres a difference of being a sissy in a war game and being verbally attacked. Some people dont care for racist remarks and so on.

I’m not a fan of racist comments either but at the same time I agree to an extent with what your trying to get across. It’s like my gram always told me as a kid, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”.

For the OP I would say best bet would be report block then move on. If they start farming you and what’s left of your team you have 2 options, ignore it and play the game most farmers get bored after a while or farm them back but when I say farm them back I’m saying minimum of a 5-1 ratio.


:joy: go get wasted and quit wd? Or Destroy their phones :rofl:


You can choose to let it mean something or you can choose to let it mean nothing.

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