How do we get atlas chests?

how do we get atlas chests besides rubies, i am not talking about the springviel atlas sigil chests which are earned via GP, but the ones which contain some shards, gold and a few other things. thanks

So far i’ve seen them as Atlas Season prizes (further down the line give 2 and 5 or something) and as apology gifts.

Not too sure their entire purpose except maybe somewhere for spenders to spend money to attempt to get rider shards or crafting mats

That’s exactly their intended purpose. And ur numbers are correct, there are 2 prizes in each def/off line that give 2 and 5 chests respectively

They are the replacement of the Bazaar

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thanks guys. wow thats lame. could really use those rider shards from it

i do well in all atlas events, have not received even one from the prizes yet. idk wats going on.

Rumour is that atlas chests will replace bazaar.

Edit Gox got there first :joy:

As I said.


Is not the same thing as Atlas EVENT prizes.

ah yes, read over that too quick lol

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