How do we get more medals to declare wars?

How can a team get more medals to declare wars? We need 80 but only shows we have 40. We just switched leagues, so will it adjust to 80 a day?

ask your team mate to attack.

everytime they earn medals, your team also gets medal.


Thanks! Will do!

Do xp bases medals not count? I have been doing runs like crazy and nothing added to war medal count. :disappointed:

Medals won go to zero after the second time you run the same base. It then needs time to regenerate. Surprised you’ve played this long and haven’t noticed!

So to earn medals your team needs to attack different bases.

Base medals reset after 4 hours. The max per attack is 10,000 with 3 defenders and 2 teammates joining. Solo with no defenders is 5,000 per attack.


Isn’t it only 5800 or 6800 or something?

10k i’ve only seen in atlas i think.

EDIT: You’ve posted before saying upwards of 10k on the previous forums. I still haven’t seen that TBH no matter how many boosts the 3 defenders use and using backup lol. Maybe my wars just aren’t as intense as yours

I never payed attention to medals, wasn’t a biggie for me. I used mostly xp bases, over and over.

Thanks for the help!

It only happens on a “full house”. 3 defenders including base owner and 2 wings from your team.

Yes agree the game could do a better job of explaining things!

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I guess because multiple people can hit it. I am just learning war medals because I am leader now. No one ever explained to me how medals work either, that they reset in 4 hrs. I always wondered why you got 5000 one run and 300 the next, same xp run. So now I know and how to check the level of war medals we have. It’s a learning experience.

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