How do we have a discussion with PG without posting it on the forums?

Anyone know ?

Random extra words added as my post was too short … lol

You could try PM’ing Arelyna.


Support ticket

Basically you can use a support ticket, or send a private message on the forum. But whether or not that will lead to what you consider a discussion will depend a lot on what you have to say. You can hardly expect PG to engage in long personal discussions with each of their ten thousands of customers whenever the customers want. So you’re a lot more likely to be heard and get answers by posting on the forum, because there is a much larger group of people responding, and a significant forum discussion is much more likely to get attention than one lone person writing in.


Thanks … will give that a try.

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Not really sure what was wrong with his post if I’m honest. He gave you your answers but let you know that there are other ways too and the limitations of your intended actions.

It was all written without and attitude or rudeness I can see.

And what he said was right. To speak to PG off the forums it’s very much PM a staff member or send in support tickets.


And this is why hardly anyone bothers with these forums. Can’t even ask a simple question without childish carry on, irrelevant opinions and “hidden” posts. People just don’t bother.

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Can’t even answer a simple question without accusations of “mansplaining”. Maybe look closer at where the toxic behaviour is coming from :man_shrugging:


No one is being rude or mansplaining to you. Genuinely we have all given you the answers we know of. Honestly I think you are seeing toxicity where there is none. Or at least none is intended.

I mean feel free to point out what exactly was wrong about any of these posts. I genuinely don’t see it


Well you asked a simple question with a somewhat obvious answer. Don’t get mad if they respond with a overly simplistic answer.


For all you know @Morreion is a girl and uses the persona of a male to keep creepers away. Personally I’d ban people who baselessly accuse others of sexism


I hear this alot, you do know their have been 6 thousand WD players in the fourms this month alone, with 74.8 thousand users. In all time, lots or players come here


Way to put the “wench” in redkeepwench!


PM @Arelyna

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