How do you access atlas?

how do you acess atlas? ive looked all over the game. now im seraching forums and youtube videos. i still have no idea. its now on the main website but i cant seem to figure out how to get to it. im plat 4 was plat 2 at one point but didn’t even know about it then. can anyone help me out?

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is thier a way for a team to get access to atlas that doesn’t already right now? let me know please ive been looking through the forums and would like to be able to get access to it. thanks

It is not available to all teams. Currently only a small number of Diamond and Sapphire teams have it.

Having access is team based if you’re team doesn’t have access then you won’t. That being said if your team does have acces then it’s a box above where the wars are.

how can i get my team access to it. we’re plat 4.

ive read other places that lower league players have gotten in. would my team be able to where im at now?

join a team that has one mostly those who are sapphire II ~ Diamond I.

so thier is no way for the team to register for access? and im not at the point yet where i could play in a leage that high up. im in plat 4 now and in a good place to grow. this is my second season. but ive read that people have had access to it for a year now. also its on their website page. so its still only exclusive based for saphire to diamond leages?

Those who have had access for a year are the ones who played it in the beta stages. PG is slowly rolling it out to all the leagues. As far as I know you can’t ask them for access it will be granted to teams as they see fit.

So what’s not being communicated to you well in this thread so far is what the rollout looked like.

So over a year ago 50 teams were given access Beta. Mainly diamond, sapphire and a platinum team or two. Not everyone in those leagues. You had to apply and Pg chose who they wanted.

Then Septemberisg this year, they renamed it to Atlas, made some major changes to it and added all teams that were ranked in Diamond and Sapphire I at a certain time. Then, a monthish later, they added through Sapphire II. What isn’t being explained to you is that teams just don’t get it because they’re Sapphire II. There’s Sapphire II teams right now that don’t have it. What also hasn’t been explained is your team won’t lose access to it if they drop to a lower league. That is why you will see Platinum or Gold teams even with Access to it.

They’ll likely announce new rollouts in #atlas , as they have done for the previous two. Note that you won’t be able to post there until your team has Atlas access.

Historical release timings:

General Info about Atlas, visit below:


It can be confusing for players reading about atlas everywhere. In the forums, in the updates discription, even the in-game tips speak of atlas, but it doesn’t exist for the majority players. In #atlas is no indication of a further rollout. Yes we can always abandon our teams to join a sapphire team that has it, but that just doesn’t feel right. I just treat it like it doesn’t exist :sweat_smile:

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