How do you create a new team?

Would like pointers on starting a new team in gold. Hoping they don’t take Atlas into gold. We hate it!
(Meant, hoping Atlas doesnt go to Bronze/Silver)

Every new team starts in Bronze and has to work their way up.
If the team is strong but doesn’t want to move past Gold League, it has to lose wars intentionally.

When you create a team, it will always start in bronze, and you’ll have to war your way back up to gold. This is easier if you have some friends that come with you to your new team. Then just try to fill your team to 50/50 to make it easier to win wars, as most teams in bronze and silver don’t have full teams.
It also helps to take what you know and put it in the wiki, as well as many of the resources available here, like breeding guides, war strats, season planning etc.
You might want to post in the recruitment section here in the forums, using “casual players welcome” and “don’t like atlas? Join us” as your strong points.
And yes, atlas is limited to plat and up (although plat - saph 3) currently don’t have it.
Good luck!

Hate to break it to you, but atlas will almost certainly come to gold leagues as well

I thought they weren’t going to spread atlas past platinum?

it will come to every league. just that it will take quite awhile to extend it.

well maybe a requirements might be placed when it is completed like all bronze and silver cant access it but once they reached gold II, they can access it during the next league reshuffle.

because to be honest, with the way Atlas is progressing, it can’t hold thousands of players especially we have quite a lot of bronze and silver league teams in the game.

I’m having the hardest time finding the quote, but I recall someone from PG saying that they only wanted to release it as low as platinum, as not to overwhelm more casual players.
I personally think atlas is pretty fun with multiple levels of things to do. I’m also really impressed with @PGDave’s player interaction and implementation from player’s feedback, although tbh, there seems to be more implementation from player feedback as a whole from PG since the new forums went up.


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My understanding is that this rolling release is planned up to platinum.

I’m pretty sure I’m reading the game well enough to make a fair guess that it won’t stop there. Once platinum is in, gold will follow.

It is a matter of scale I think, eg 50 Diamond teams, 250 sapphire, 1000 plat etc.

(random numbers btw, just for illustration)

as long as they dont go below silver because that will populate Atlas too much.

I remember Pixxel on twitch stating Atlas will not go to teams below Plat because you need to have strong well rounded, active teams.Gold and below just aren’t. No offense to anyone. I just remember people making a big deal because she told people to switch to a higher team if they wanted Atlas.

But atlas makes money :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll wager I’m right; If we both still around when it happens / doesn’t happen we can laugh about it and say I told you so.

Sounds awesome to me :joy: I’ll bet you a google play card

“For now. It may expand later.” -PGJared

No guarantees either way :smiley:

Based on my understanding, we’re set up for rolling it out to platinum teams, but if your team is in platinum, gets Atlas, and then falls back down to Gold, you won’t lose access to Atlas.

We want to be a training team, to get low players ready for whats ahead of them. We do not like Atlas and would just like to play the not so stressful regular WD. And hopefully teams will get to know that we release awesome players to advance forward. I just want to come on and relax and play, while teaching others.

Still have not seen the process of starting a new team. ???

Leave your current team, go to team meeting hall and start own team.


Thank you.

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