How Do You Deal With Hau’s Timeshift Reverse After 2 Reverses?

I will attach a video to go with the title.
NOTE: I did die in this video, but I also had a couple runs before this one where I had successfully made it past that middle blue mage on island 5, but I failed because I was unable to sand down all the towers, and I had used up all of my reverses by that time. I hope this makes sense, as the video does not show me going past the middle blue. I will edit this post when I get a video for a better analysis, and to help you all in helping me see where I messed up.

Edit: For some reason, it won’t let me post the video. I will take a screenshot of the base instead so you all can get a visualization of what I went through as you read the explanation above.

Edit 2/The Picture:

Need to put the video on YouTube


Not super but better than nothing lol


rewind 6 and 4/5 (other options are available). This is just part of the planning process with hau

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh. Got it. Thank you.