How do you earn glory? I fail miserably

How does one actually get glory? I only get between 100 and 200 at most no matter what.

Kill enemies in atlas and lose troops in the process.

You have to lose troops to earn glory. This is key. If you load 100 troops and win, you’ll get around 100 glory which is nothing.

So while my sieger may kill 15k enemy troops if I lose 1k in the process I only gain around 1k glory.

If I lose 15k and the enemy loses 1k, I still get 1k glory. Try to make the troops killed similar assuming your primarch attack is similar to the enemy primarch defense.


What primach are you using to attack?
Your primach AP has to be close or higher than the defending primach DP


Find a target primarch. Note its defense number and the number of troops.

  • pick my primarch with attack closest to my target’s primarch defense.
  • Take half as many troops as my target has, up to a max of 7,500.
    • fewer troops if my attack is higher than his defense
    • more troops if my attack is lower than his defense.
  • kill fast, before someone else kills you or your target
  • get 5 flames

This should get you ~1.5 glory per your troop lost with 90% revives for an optimal attack, up to a max of 11,250 glory per attack.

edit: you also have to look at the glory percentage. If you’re attacking in nml, players much lower level than you will not give you the full glory. If you’re attacking enemy castles, glory return is affected by both the player level and the team rank relative to your team. This is shown in the various places that have primarch attack buttons and show the other primarch details, so it should be kinda obvious.


Never heard of dread castles, so no

My level 5 destroyer, which is the best one I have

I lost 1500 troops tonight and got 300 glory. I be lost 8K and only got 200 glory, so my experience greatly differs

How do you know your primarchs defensive level?

How do you kill fast? Flight attack speed is always the same

I never see anyone close to let alone below my level

Your primarch’s defense does not come into an attack, soo… don’t?

No, it’s not. Your dragon slows down when flying close to or over towers and speeds up when there’s nothing ahead of it. Some spells also speed or slow your travel (at the extreme end, evasion or the UVS spell moves very fast and hover almost completely stops you). Also stronger dragons just kill towers faster. Hauheset can kill huge bases but she spends a lot of time going slow to gather rage or even rewinding and re-flying the same territory, so despite her amazing skillset she’s not the atlas lead for people who have something better.


@GogoDr4gon bad bad bad😝


Glory calculations based on the following factors and all conditions met

  1. Glory scaling (0-100%)
  2. Your attack primach AP against defence primach DP
  3. Number of flames (percentage if the specified primachs AP and DP are close)
  4. Amount of troops lost of the lesser party

There’s a lot of explanation with variances but basically, choose at least 90% glory scaling, your primach AP is higher than DP, finish five flames and at least 1k troops killed from your end, you’re likely to get 1.5k glory

How to check AP and DP look at the screenshot below

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If your team is not teaching you simple things like how to earn glory, you need to find a new one.


If your always get very low glory for the troops you lose then 2 things might be the issue

  1. You hit a primarch with the wrong type of primarch. For example a trapper attack a trapper.
  2. If you usually hitting a trapper it has the highest dp in the game if you just started then your primarch is probably low level bronze and some primarch can be silver 2 expert and with boosts u will get almost no glory and you probably should not even try hitting that.

Easiest way to fix your problem is to get a trapper, load troops and fly to aligane. It will do better than what you doing now.

Just keep grind troops and feed your trapper, in 3 month it will earn you good glory even in defeats.

That’s shockingly bad advice.


I am lvl 137, have a S2 lvl 25 (max) trapper, have a set of mythic defense and 1/2 set mythic offensive gear, this season I got 2,67 mil glory without went out kill anything (I often won’t event finish the 12k weekly quest)

I just fly my trapper to aligane and get glory 2 hours later.

You think I don’t know what I am talking about?

Oh btw the only thing I buy is atlas elite.

That is a way to earn glory. However you’ll never become a decent atlas player like that as you’re not bothering to learn how all the mechanics work