How do you feel about Nockmar loosing 1/3 it’s power because freezer increased 4 to 6 seconds cool down

How do you feel now that this dragon has been NERFED as many previous dragons have also been reduced in power, this dragon is being nerfed by 1/3 by increasing the cool downtime allowing no second shot freezing in any island and only maybe two shots in a double island. It’s even flying a little sluggish. This is the fourth time my top dragon has been NERFED/reduction in power and effectiveness in a row and I for one am upset we should reach out to war dragons and let them know how we feel about them continuing to Nerf/reduce the effectiveness of our dragons already in play.

PG needs a better designer I understand why it was nerfed but seriously that was last season why bother nerfing it when it’s already about to die? Especially when it’s viability was so low before the buff… This only encourages bullying too

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