How do you get 5 farms(3 farms, 2 mills)


How do you build 5 farms?


Make an in game ticket and report them for exploiting the game.


Got ya.


While you are at it send them a link to a base building guide :slight_smile:


LOL. Will do.


I hear you can buy one off the black market for a lvl1 ember, but you also gotta apply for a plantation permit at that point :thinking:.


i only see three farms and two mills


I think “farms” is a general term for both farms and mills.


This guy too. Pg only gave me the cut/paste reply regarding event points. Or about the mess up during last event


@HalJordan2814 he is no longer there.


@HoNxsOlo - I fixed it for you. :slight_smile:


I have been seeing a lot of bases recently with 3 farms and 2 mills. And have not reported cause I wasn’t thinking of screen shots when doing battles, but I am seeing a lot of them. Not just a few.


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