How do you get atlas season prizes?

I have played WD for years and have been in Atlas since the beginning. Still have yet to get a single atlas season prize of any sort. what does it take to get an atlas season prize?

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Fight in Atlas.

  • Load prim with troops
  • Either find a target (outside safezone/5ta)
  • Attack, or wait to be attacked (don’t aim too low)
  • Open Atlas event/season menu
  • Take your time opening badge chests
  • Pick Atlas season tab, then pick branches and prizes

OP is probably talking about the atlas season ending prize.

Join a better team. Simple.

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How much glory does it take? I’ve used diamonds, 100k, and was only able to get five prizes in one line.

A lot (a few millions hundred thousands to get one full branch).
Definitely, never use diamonds to buy badges (unless emergency case).
Build troops instead.


Oh my god :o that’s not how it is. Attack other primarch( with troop in it) with troops on your primarch.
Also change team immediately after this event and look for the team that can teach you how to atlas, please take this with a grant of salt cause seems like your current team doesn’t help their own players at all

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Oh gosh you mean ACTUAL GLORY. Ok wow.

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Since I understand you mean regular prizes in atlas well there is 4 types of prizes u gain in atlas:

  1. Atlas event prizes. Troops training is as much troops u build or revive gets u points and prizes. Primarch training u get points for leveling up your primarch and last event is crafting gear or leveling them.
  2. Getting atlas season badges for attacking other primarch and killing troops points will be given depends on your performance and how much troops u lose.
  3. Is season team ranking prize at the end of the season.
  4. Dialy atlas prize that gives mostly eggs or timers (your choice) that depends on how much castles and infrastructure levels.

You are the one complaining about not getting glory…

I think you are exaggerating your situations. Like losing hundreds of thousands troops and got mathematically impossible little amount of glory.

If you want any advice, upload screenshots of your battle log and let the community to take a look.

How often do you attack other Primarchs? Sounds like you don’t attack other players at all.
If this is the case, I’m sure you don’t have more than bronze Primarchs and many of your riders don’t have glory to level up either.
Atlas is all about attacking other player’s Primarchs for glory.
Find another team that can help you learn how to attack in Atlas.

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My problem is I get very little glory when I attack. .1 or less for each troop I lose as I always seem to lose even if I win the flight

Find target with

  1. Lower defense than your attack
  2. Good level (giving high glory rate)
  3. Beatable base (5 flame)
  4. Decent amount of troops

How do I do that? Working on an old ipad

There is part of the problem, I never seen to find anyone whose def is lower than my attack. My best primarch only has an attack of 150

Gotta need a glory swap room then.
Someone with comparable level and a taunter can help.

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I can see your dilemma. You keep getting beat up. I would suggest trying to learn to snipe at aligane.

  1. Load only 2-3k troops
  2. Park in a safe zone outside aligane, 5 or 6 castles away to lessen the lag.
  3. Monitor aligane for a Primarch with about the same defense as your Primarch attack. Also note the level of the player, you want to get the 100% .
  4. When you see a good target, quickly move to aligane and attack that target.

This is Atlas hunting, or sniping, and takes some practice to get the timing down.

Ask your teammates to help you learn this skill, I’m sure someone on your team can help.

After you learn to get glory at aligane, you can move to helping your team in castle battles and hitting your enemies.

Aligane is a great place to learn this skill. Aligane is fast paced, and multiple targets. Patience will be key.

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Keep in mind that Aligane is also the hardest place to learn this skill. The reason I suggest only 2-3k troops, is that it makes you less of a target, giving you just a bit more time to execute your attack.

3,767.2hrs ago. That’s half a year since you last did anything in atlas. No attacking, no defending castles, nothing.


As others mentioned the issues is that you’re in a different and possibly worse spot than most of us realized. It’s not that you’re getting bad glory or attacking the wrong players. Per your log your last atlas battle was half a year ago and if you don’t fight it’s impossible to get any of the atlas prizes for a given season. They require glory which is earned through fighting. While you can open some atlas chests with diamonds this is a really bad idea. The diamond cost is astronomical and the reward is next to nothing. Use diamonds to train more troops. Use the troops to earn glory. The worst glory imaginable is still better than the few sigils you’d get for your diamonds.

As a short recap of atlas 101)

  1. farm gold by attacking the gold mine.
  2. use the gold to train new troops.
  3. repeat this for weeks to build up a meaningful number of troops. (Actual time varies by your activity/dedication and on if you have atlas elite)

Once you have troops)
4) load some troops on a primarch and find another primarch (player) to attack.
-your goal is to get the fighter some glory so you can level it to level 5.
-level primarchs during the primarch and rider event to earn prizes in atlas.
5) unlock the bronze 2 tier primarchs by reaching a level 5 fighter.
-trappers, siegers and destroyers are all significantly better than the level 5 fighter. Get one and never use the fighter again. Talk to your team about which to use/get first. I’d suggest a destroyer it’s the easiest to get started with.
6) load some troops on your new primarch and keep attacking other players to get more glory.

You must CONSTANTLY train troops. If you don’t have troops you can’t participate in atlas.
Try to only revive troops during the troop training atlas event. But watch your revive limit. If you exceed that limit, you’ll permanently lose a lot of troops.

Talk to your team’s officers about learning atlas. You can benefit a lot more with one on one guidance from a trusted leader/officer who can see you day to day and who can more easily monitor your progress.