How do you get level 44 farms at level 132?

I’m looking at a base that is level 132 and has level 44 farms … does anyone know how is this achieved ?

With a level 27 builders hut. Easily achieved by anyone who has bred Apophet.


Do many people get apophet by level 132 ? These achievements sound like things I need to be updating on our wiki :slight_smile:

Many don’t at that level as most over build in the 100s and 200s compared to dragons.

I feel like this would interest you:

Red’s dragon check-in


Yeah it’s possible to get 44’s right around there… you just don’t see it much because most people level up faster than their breeding.

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Or in my case, I went for an A&A route, which got me those sapphire egg tokens much, much later. Finally going to be getting my lvl 44 farms and mills next fort though :tada: and before lvl 170.

Many people who follow my Icicle 3/4 breeding path do. Check it out:


Our team actually got accused of cheating in LC because we had level 132 members with level 39 farms. They were reporting us to PG. I’m like good luck with that idiots.

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I wish I can get those in level 102
(I mean lv 39 farms, not 44)

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You underestimate the power of patient

I train a legendary platinum at lvl 110 and I feel it take forever to get them to breedable so I dont want to imaging how long it would take for these


We have some low low level 200’s on my team who just got Noctua 🤷 I think they ranged from 208-240 this past breeding event or so and a bunch in that range all got them.

Breeding takes planning, patience and stubbornness to do so many runs per day for tokens.


Even though I have enough egg token, I can not run enough xp for them til breedable level at low level. I have just burn up full stock of xp potion, which I never used much, just to get my kelvin reach level 12 last breeding event

i did it, its hard but not impossible

I would never accuse people of cheating … I just want to know how it’s done … I leveled up way to quickly and are far to high a level for my dragons and oddly enough even my base. But we have lower level players and i’d love to give them good advice.

Plan plan plan… Fly fly fly…

And to think you could have had a bunch of level 300s with noctua :joy:,

Jk sort of

(just putting it out there that overlevelling is much less of a concern due to how divines unlock and how powerful they are - you can pretty much clear any base as around lvl 200 player)

For us, it’s more that some players have limited resources. We have quite a few E2P players on the team. If they have to choose one of the following options:

  1. Great dragons, lower level
  2. Good dragons, moderate level
  3. Okay dragon, great level

It’s just that I’d rather have them pick #1. We also have 300s with Noctua. However if my players only have so many rubies and have to pick where they are focusing their time and effort, I’ll always…suggest…dragons over base.

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I had level 39 farms at 102. All you need are platinum research eggs.

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Yep …my alt had him at that level and is in well into Garnett at 160…thanks to Red’s Breeding Guide.

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